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Google Pixel: What You Need To Know

The debate regarding an all new Google Pixel phone has been a long-held one. It has been speculated for a while now if Google Pixel phone would be able to compete against the greater fish that dominates the market already. If you are a technology enthusiast, its a given that you’d be interested in knowing the same. Taking this into consideration, we have thoroughly reviewed the aforementioned product in order to put you in charge of determining if it’s going to be able to stand in the races of smartphones. Let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer.

Google Pixel 2

Key Features:

A few of the prominent features offered by Google Pixel phone are as follows:

  1. A large display of 5 inches supporting 1080p

  2. 4 GM of snapdragon 821 RAM

  3. Multiple storage options of 32 or 128 GB

  4. Running on the latest android 7.1

  5. An all-new pixel launcher and google assistant are built-in to the device

  6. 12 MP of primary camera and an amazing 8 MP secondary camera

  7. USB type C compatible with fast charging

  8. 2770 mAh of large battery for lasting usage

  9. Ready for daydream VR


A new smartphone that has been introduced by a major brand name like Google is destined to offer a lot that’ll convince the customers to spend their money on it. Google Pixel phone is not any different in this regard. To begin with, the stunning camera with loads of built-in features has been a major attraction for picture enthusiasts. Google has specifically put a lot of thought into designing a phone that is suitable to be handled with even a single hand and offers performance that doesn’t lag in any aspect, a downside that is commonly linked with the Android operating system. With the latest version of Android, 7.1, the phone offers something that is not yet available with any other smart device in the market.


Like any other smart device in the market, there are a few cons associated with the all-new Google Pixel phone. To begin with, the price of the smartphone is currently too high for an average customer. A lack of scratch-less surface at the rear of the phone has been a major disappointment for a lot of fans who have been anticipating the smartphone. Lastly, 32 and 128 GB of storage options are not being appreciated widely by the potential customers.


It won’t be wrong to conclude that if you have been a victim of hardware or software issues with Samsung and iPhones, choosing the Google Pixel phone may enable you to have the best of both worlds. Indeed, it is slightly on the costlier side, but considering how much less it costs compared to an iPhone, it would be a commendable option as an iPhone alternative.


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