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(Giveaway) Meet your New Best-Friend, The Spritzer

Most of us grew up loving a great carbonated beverage. We may have even had the chance to see companies give consumers the opportunity to create their own bubbly drinks, some good and some bad, but the Drinkmate™ Spritzer is the real deal. This handheld carbonated machine is the first on the market allowing consumers to easily and quickly carbonate any beverage from wine and spirits to water and juices. Adding a little sparkle with the Spritzer is the perfect way to spritz up a beverage at any gathering.

The spritzer is:

  1. First portable carbonation system for ANY beverage

  2. Easy to assemble with refillable CO₂ canister

  3. Small and lightweight

  4. No batteries or electricity needed

  5. Eco-friendly, its reusable bottle system reduces bottle waste

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