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(Giveaway) Floss|time

Black men can keep smiling and have healthy teeth with Floss|time. Floss|time is the world’s first automated floss dispenser, designed to create lifelong flossing habits. The wellness product is the first in a line of items available through the subscription service dedicated to oral health. This subscription is appealing to a diverse swath of consumers – from tech lovers looking for the newest gadget, and beauty buffs eager to maintain a gorgeous smile.


  1. Flosstime is a new kind of dental floss dispenser that’s enabling people to floss more.

  2. People are reporting flossing 4-5x more with the device. That’s a significant behavioral change.

  3. You put it up in your bathroom, press it, and it gives you the perfect amount of floss. It’s so simple. When it is time to floss again, it lights up and the simple daily reminder helps encourage the habit of flossing.

  4. Smile Club subscribers automatically get receive new floss cartridges delivered to their homes at a frequency that works for them


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