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[Giveaway] Enjoy an At-home Cooking Class with Cuiline

The rise of the home chef has increased over the last year, some of us have been successful and some of us can use a bit more help. We have partnered with our friends over at Cuiline, the premier company for live online cooking classes to offer you a session. With chefs from around the world, Cuiline is expanding its offerings to include home delivery of full ingredient kits—including fresh produce, meats, and premeasured spices and pantry items. The company has also added a class-only option for guests who want to shop for their ingredients locally.

What sets Cuiline apart from other online cooking classes is its attention to authenticity. Every class is led by a chef in their home country, ensuring that menus and cooking styles are authentic to the local culture. Cuiline offers a variety of cuisines and cooking styles to choose from, including Italian, Spanish, Greek, Moroccan, Indian, Israeli, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Argentinian, Peruvian, and more. For more information, visit

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