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Gifts to get you through the summer

Summer is coming up, which means only one thing: all of the birthdays. Everyone seems to have a summer birthday, which means more parties and more gifts to buy.

As we all stay inside to keep safe away from Coronavirus, now’s the perfect time to be browsing for gift ideas.

To help, we’ve put together the Quintessential Gentleman’s Gift Guide, which shows you the best gifts for the discerning gent in your life for 2020.

A Luxury Watch

A timeless classic, you can never go wrong with a luxury watch. Check out the range of watches from a prestigious brand and collection, such as Omega Seamaster, which has been designed for the great outdoors. Have a look at the various Omega Seamaster online by visiting Chronext to see how this nautically inspired collection could make the perfect gift for a gentleman you respect and admire.

A Cocktail Kit

One of the defining qualities of a true Gentlemen is an appreciation for a well-mixed drink. As such, a cocktail kit, with a quality shaker, muddler and recipe book, could be the perfect gift. Many liqueur and alcohol brands offer these kits, so try to find one that contains their favorite tipple to ensure your gift is personal and appreciated.

Cutting-Edge Technology

New technologies, such as AirPods and wireless home products, offer great opportunities for gift giving. You could buy the gentleman in your life a new piece of technology to add to their collection and make their lives easier. Alternatively, if you know a tech-savvy gentleman who already has all the latest toys, then consider buying them an innovative accessory. This could be a chic AirPod case, a quirky wireless charging pad for their smartphone, or the latest high-specification gaming mouse for their PC. Whatever you choose, you know that they’ll enjoy it and be able to get a lot of use out of it.

Luxury Stationery

A practical gift for the ambitious gentleman in your life, luxury stationery is a great way to give them a high-quality, useful gift. Whether you choose a luxury handbound notebook or an exquisitely crafted pen, there’s a variety of different options to choose from, so you can find the perfect gift. Try to find an item from a prestigious brand, such as Mont Blanc or Moleskin, to show them how much you value them.

Leather Goods

Leather has a certain prestige and quality about it, so you should consider buying the gentleman in your life a leather gift this year. From a stunning leather laptop case or a new wallet to a more unique gift such as a phone case or outback hat, there’s a leather gift for every stylish gentleman who loves natural products. Leather is great for monogramming, so if the gentleman in your life enjoys having their initials embossed onto their possessions, then you can make them even happier by stamping their initials onto your gift.

So, while you’re in your home this Spring, look ahead to the exciting summer by using our gift guide to find the perfect present for all your friends and family with summer birthdays!


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