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Gifts for the “Techie” Gentleman

For all the Techie’s out there we have a holiday gift guide for you. Below is a list of items you should either buy for yourself or buy for that gentleman who loves technology!

Bezalel Wireless Charger

Bezalel Wireless Charging

Your cell phone is always on a low battery from work emails to Instagram notifications and if you’re like me you are always looking for a charger. The normal charger works but it seems to always get worn down so quickly and becomes useless after some time. One thing I actually liked about the Samsung Galaxy phones was the wireless charger, something iPhones didn’t have. That was until the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X were released. I was now able to use the Bezalel Futura X wireless charger and it is the perfect wireless charger accessory. As an entrepreneur and freelancer, I am able to drop my iPhone on the charger and continue on with my work. I turn on my Bluetooth and finish my conference call or listen to my audiobook without having to deal with a messy cord. Another great plus about the Futura X wireless charger is that it charges my phone quicker than using my wired charger. I was fearful of wireless charging pads because I thought they would overheat but after using my Futura X for more than a week, I have had no issues. Available now at Price – $49.99

CONAIR Turbo ExtremeSteam

CONAIR Turbo ExtremeSteam 

If you’re a traveler like myself, you know that your suits and dress shirts don’t always arrive at your destination in the nice dry cleaned form that you left with. Many times I check into the hotel room and have to break out the iron and go over my shirts to make sure that they look as crisp as I need them to be for my meeting. But an iron sometimes is too rough and you have no idea how someone used or misused it prior to you. So I am telling everyone that a steamer is a must-have. The Conair Turbo ExtremeSteam is lightweight and easily packable, heats up in less than 40 seconds, has a super light design so it is easy to store/travel with,  stands up on its own and quickly steams clothing in the morning before work! Available now at Price – $59.99

The Comfort Sock

Socks are great because they keep your feet warm, help with smelling and sweat as well as are a fashion statement with the right shoe! But what if there were a tech component to your everyday sock? The Comfort Sock that energizes the compression around the foot and ankle to help support the foot and prevent fatigue. This would be great especially for all the transit users in New York City. The stability fit panels keep the sock in place and inhibits shifting in the shoe. There is also a Left and Right design for the anatomical fit. Available now at Price – $12.00

Circuit Board Ties

For all the engineers and computer wizards, this Circuit Board Tie is the perfect gift or perfect to wear to your holiday party. It is actually made out of real computer circuit boards and comes in different types from normal ties to bow ties. Available at Price – $ 42.50



Who doesn’t need a good wireless speaker inside their home? You have to be able to hear Jay-Z’s 4:44 album loud and clear and Aurora speakers will do just that. These speakers are producing mind-blowing sound and beautiful design packaged in a sleek and modern speaker. If you don’t believe me, check out what Forbes had to say. The design is perfect to add to your bachelor pad decorum and it will sound like you have 16 speakers playing at once. From Bluetooth to Apple Airplay, the Aurora wireless speaker is the perfect gift! Available at www.thielaudio.comPrice $675.00

Mophie PowerStation Mini

In the “always on the go” world we currently live in, we cannot have our phones die. I personally don’t like my phone to get below 50% but even if you live on the wild side and let it get to 20% you will need to have a charger with you at all times. That’s why I recommend Tmobile’s Mophie PowerStation Mini. It is light, compact but packs a punch. It helps you stay powered, while on-the-go with a slim design that makes this easy to throw in any pocket or computer bag. It’s
 compatible with iOS and Android devices. Available now at Price – $29.99

ACBC Shoes

ACBC Shoes

ACBC Shoes are giving you plenty of footwear options this holiday. What if you could go between business casual, streetwear to active all in a few steps. The Italian shoe brand has redefined footwear with an eco-friendly, innovative patented technology that allows you to create a modular, customizable shoe for men and women. In order to find your “Soul Mate” you would (1) Select your sole, (2) Pair it with your Skin (upper) of choice, and (3) Zip them together to create a pair for any occasion. Available now at Price Starting at $100.00

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