Gifts for the “Techie” Gentleman

For all the Techie’s out there we have a holiday gift guide for you. Below is a list of items you should either buy for yourself or buy for that gentleman who loves technology!

Bezalel Wireless Charger

Bezalel Wireless Charging

Your cell phone is always on a low battery from work emails to Instagram notifications and if you’re like me you are always looking for a charger. The normal charger works but it seems to always get worn down so quickly and becomes useless after some time. One thing I actually liked about the Samsung Galaxy phones was the wireless charger, something iPhones didn’t have. That was until the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X were released. I was now able to use the Bezalel Futura X wireless charger and it is the perfect wireless charger accessory. As an entrepreneur and freelancer, I am able to drop my iPhone on the charger and continue on with my work. I turn on my Bluetooth and finish my conference call or listen to my audiobook without having to deal with a messy cord. Another great plus about the Futura X wireless charger is that it charges my phone quicker than using my wired charger. I was fearful of wireless charging pads because I thought they would overheat but after using my Futura X for more than a week, I have had no issues. Available now at Price – $49.99

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