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Game Of Thrones review: “The Spoils of War”

Oh, Dragon where art thou?

There are two types of Armies in Westeros, those with Dragons and those without. both of which were on display in last nights, The Spoils of War. It’s one thing if you show up to a battle with Golden armor. If you show up riding a fire-breathing dragon named “Drogon,” that’s next level stunting.

Few things in the course of this show have been more thrilling and exuberant than the battle of The Spoils of War. However, equally important things happened away from the fight. As the spoils of war were not the only thing of value that changed hands this week. Which brings us to…

This Week in Westeros…

Do the Lannisters ever pay their debts? 

Cersei thinks she’s paying off the Iron Bank and thus begins to start talking about new investment opportunities. Did Jaime and the Tarley’s get the Gold through to the front? Will the Iron Bank get their funds? Or was the gold melted, just like the food, supplies, and the trembling Lannister army? Bronn received his gold and then proceeded to lose it and not to mention, still doesn’t have his castle.

Jaime tests his fate with a dragon in trying to bring a quick end to the war with a spear to Daenerys‘s back. He found out the hard way that you don’t bum-rush a Dragon at any point. If not for a well time jump from Bronn (protecting his debts), Jaime would be looking rather crispy right now.

Three Starks of Winterfell.

The last Stark returns to Winterfell, and while she lacked in the emotional fulfillment, she put on an exhibition. Not often have we gotten to see two equally matched fighters take one another on. Least of all between two beloved characters in Arya and Brienne. The duel was fast, intense, and Arya loved every moment of it.

She put on a show for Sansa and cemented her references page to lead the Queen’s guard.

“It’s been a while since I’ve trained.”

While in other news, Bran apparently can see everything, except who gave his assassin the valerian dagger. He claims that Bran Stark is essentially no more, but yet he seems only to have an interest in the history of his family. He’s aware of Arya’s where about’s in her time away from Winterfell and acutely knowledgeable of the horrors of Sansa’s wedding night. And yet, there appears to be a good deal of potent information he has yet to see(or is he playing a game).

Chaos is a ladder.”

This reunion is important not only for its significance to the coming war but that they children haven’t been together since early on of the first season. The characters have all grown (figuratively and Literally), but the warmth and home feeling they were all looking for is absent in this rendition of Winterfell.

Jon Snow may bend a knee in more ways than one. 

So Dany and Jon went on their first date on Sunday. It was a lovely afternoon in the exotic caves of Dragonstone and was along the lines of the ‘Bachelorette‘. Dany pledged her forces to Snow on the condition that he bend the knee. Will he go to Jared???? Show runners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss spoke to the intentional intimate tension that they perpetuated between two Mavericks of the Kingdom.

Snow has made it clear that his followers won’t respond to a Southern Ruler. How about a match made in heaven?

*Note: She is his aunt, regardless of whether they know about it, and the fact that Targaryens are known for having relations with their not so distant relatives doesn’t make the underlying tension any less strained..*

Spoils Of War

Over all the Episode has been met with the immediate reaction of approval and gusto of high-regarded episodes such as Battle Of the Bastards or Hardhome. Rarely can a show display the quiet and melancholy that we find with the Starks in the North and in the same episode have a battle as engulfing and mesmerizing as some of the best moments of Battle of the Bastards. In short, it’s the most complete episode we’ve had this season and ranks as one the best. Not simply for getting to see a dragon in action but getting to the soft moments of supporting Characters like Arya and watching Little fingers world collapse.

While the Battle of the Bastards followed the grime and dirty parts of a fight to the Death, Spoils of War glorifies the war amongst men and Dragons. The use of black smoke and follow Bronn as he stumbles through a decimated infantry is one of the most interesting things shot in the show. As a dragon flys overhead, the ground is in disarray, men running for cover Dathraki awaiting them at every turn. Bronn has to make a series of calculated decisions just to make it to the Scorpion and attempt to shoot down a Dragon.

While in one of the best split second efforts in acting history Jaime Lannister experiences the weight of the proposition of being burned alive. After building up a full head of steam his hopes are dashed as his charge is discovered by Dany and Drogon. Jaime’s expression goes from one of ferocity and lust for glory to that grief and fear as his life likely flashed before his eyes the only future he could see is the one of being scorched alive.

We happen to see the scene from two different view points. First of all, we see it from Jaime and as he decides whether or not to flee or take a chance to kill Dany we hear from Tyrian. We already are given a glimpse into Tyrians thoughts during the battle. Dany rips into his allegiances after the strategic failures on the seas and at Casterly Rock. Strangely this may have been foreshadowing as we see Tyrion cringe at the brutal scene on the battle field. Then, he sees Jaime and under his breath pleads that he run as he can see what his intentions may be.

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