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Game of Thrones Recap and Preview: “The Queens Justice”/”The Spoils of War”

SPOILER ALERT (It’s been almost a week this shouldn’t be necessary).

There’s no time to waste, let’s get on with it…

Once again, as always, another delightful, cheerful episode of English actors saying “Dynasty.” However when they weren’t spending long moments staring off into the distance some things actually happened. Here are the most important things that happened last week In “The Queen’s Justice.”

“Yes, but I’m not a Stark.”

The show is almost toying with us now that we know more than the rest of the Characters. That being said it was a relief when the show gave us a solid 15 minutes of Jon and Dany. Needless to say, it wasn’t exactly a match made in heaven.

They go on and on about what they need and why the other should give them their assistance. Dany is very self-assured in her status over Snow making veiled threats and doubting his legitimacy. It should be mentioned that her attitude abruptly changes after she learns of what has happened to her fleet.

We can assess from the trailer for next weeks episode that she takes a further step when she finds out that her “Unsullied” are trapped, as well as the demise of house Tyrell. The trailer appears to show a much more lenient Dany less interested in the Kneeling of Snow, and pushing towards Kingslanding.

“I have something to tell him…”

Bran Stark, whats going on man? In just a few short episodes his character has done something of an 180. His social skills have seemingly evaporated and with it his relationship with Sansa. In the few episodes since the end of last season where Bran was still just a regular kid, he’s fully embodied the three eyed raven. “I don’t know what that is,” says Sansa hoping for an explanation, which she will not receive because apparently neither does Bran.

Speaking of Sansa, so far in her very brief stint as Warden (Queen) of the North appears to have things under control. She has incredible foresight for someone who has never had any real experience ruling. She’s learned a lot from her experiences and using what she’s gained from those who have been around her.

By her side: Little Finger has never looked more challenged to play his games. Sansa isn’t afraid to be herself or stand up to people who oppose her, Least of all Little Finger. There will undoubtedly be a resurgence from little finger at some point this season, however, let’s see if it does anything.

Jorah is healed! As the “it’s a small world” music begins to Sam and Jorah shake hands in admiration for one another. His release is now small feat as Daenerys appears to be in need of a true military commander with Tyrion not getting it done. Also, could this newly found friendship assist the relationship between Dany and Jon???

The Man (a man?) from Braavos has landed on kings landing. Some reckless speculation on my part, I think there’s a reason the woman said the Man from Bravaos. Could this be foreshadowing to a possible important appearance from Jaqen in one of his many faces. It felt like a strange line choice, and typically in this show, there was a reason for it. Could forehead guy make a return and kill Cersei (an ending that would more than likely disappoint everyone)?

The Queen of Thorns always gets the last laugh. With death and defeat in her eyes, Tyrell played her final hand. In the same breath, she told Jaime that Cersei is a monster she also spills the beans on the truth of who killed Joffrey. It was one of the more chilling scenes in the show especially as you see the life leave Jaime’s face.

“Tell Cersei it was me. I want her to know I did it.”

If there was anyone other than Tyrell that got the win it’s Cersei. Just as the critics were counting her out, saying she’d lost a step, here she comes for your heart. Her forces have devastated Daenerys’s fleet and allies, and she’s about to get a whole hell of a lot more supplies.

Redemption for Grayjoy:

There are three Greyjoy’s left for now and one of them is reeking havoc across the seas. Euron, the suave linen shirt wearing sea captain has imprisoned his niece and annihilated Dany’s allies. However, his assistance comes at a price, he wants Cersei’s power. His success in battle has brought acclaim to the Greyjoy name and objectively advanced the house more in three episodes than any Greyjoy before.

While Cersei toys with him to keep him useful until she no longer needs his ships and can get rid of him. Until he realizes this, he’ll continue to torment the oceans and all the while where is Theon?

Yes, Theon, without stones, appears to make land with his remaining forces. This could be a possible rescue attempt of his sister and the ultimate redemption Theon may not deserve but what he needs to do.

The Three Queens:

Daenerys: The Breaker of Chains, the Mother of Dragons, *Insert 10 more minutes of titles*. After stacking her deck in episode one, it’s been all down hill for the “true born Queen.” She’s lost her Navy, a significant portion of her troops and allies. Now forced to ask Jon Snow for his help will he be able to give it?

Assuming that Jon will find out his true heritage and how well Sansa rules, Jon’s tenure in the North should be in question. Especially considering what we saw in the pre-season trailer of Jon beyond the Wall.  So it may be Sansa who in the end has to work with Dany. With her allies falling like flies and no more help in sight I would be concerned for Dany and her Dragons. Not all of them are going to make it through the next four episodes.

Sansa: Already making strong impressions on her seemingly sub performing advisor. Sansa seems to be the only Stark that can lead/want’s to lead. She’s put up with unspeakable things in her young life, and each has made her stronger and smarter. With Jon there or away Sansa is the fittest to rule the North.

Consequently, for her to gain complete control will require either Jon to leave or Northerners to lose faith when Bran reveals his true parentage.

Cersei: The first Queen of Westeros, has no time for your doubt. She has come into her own as commander of the Iron Throne. She’s surrounded herself with maybe not the most ethical people but effective. Now with all of the Tyrell resources at her disposal. One could say the only threat to her must be already in her circle…..


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