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Game of Thrones Recap and Preview: ‘Eastwatch’/ ‘Beyond the Wall’

Trouble in Paradiseeee

In the fifth episode of season seven Eastwatch, we endured a whole lot of talking and bad ideas. Thankfully there are even more bad ideas and even more talking to come (maybe more running than talking it appears). Consider this your spoiler warning as we see where we are with just two more episodes.

Davos, I know you’re upset there’s only two more, but I’m here to tell you, there might be even less for you… on another installment of…

This Week In Westeros….

Love is in the air, and it smells like fermented crab!

Jaime and Bronn somehow manage to elude Dragon flames, drowning in the Lake/Pond-river and Jaime decides this is the time for an epiphany.

“I have to tell Cersei…”

“..Might as well Jump Back in that river…”

Meanwhile, on the other side of that river, Dany meets with the Tarly family (not including Sam). Telling the survivors of her attack on the Lannister army essentially ” I’m not here to kill you but if you don’t kneel, I’m going to kill you,” so yeah things are going great.

Tyrian and Varys are concerned that the ‘New season New Daenerys’ is starting to go off the rails. To their concerns, she did just incinerate Lord Tarly and his delightful son Dickon simply to prove a point.

Then again, the only Tarly we really care about is Sam. Sam and his studies have come to an end because, like many successful people, he has left school and his old head professors to help the fight in the North.

…And what was Gilly saying back there..?

Upon his return to Kingslanding, Jaime tells Cersei of the impending doom that is the mother of Dragons. However, she didn’t particularly like this idea, especially when coupled with the new information that Olena Tyrell killed her son.

Having no interest in changing direction, Cersei questions Jaime’s integrity and warns him to essentially, stay in his lane.

…..WHERE ARE THE GREYJOYS?!?!?!? (said by literally no one). Except where are they really? After so predominantly being featured at the beginning of the season, we haven’t seen Euron in a minute and whats Theon doing on Dragonstone? He doesn’t have any friends to talk to, and every moment he wastes is another he’s not attempting to save his sister.

Speaking of Sisters, Arya and Sansa are bonding well in Jon’s absence. Heading into Eastwatch, the two already had a strained relationship, and Sansa’s unwillingness to be forceful and spokesperson for Jon has Arya on edge.

It isn’t just Sansa’s actions that Arya is curious of…we also get the return of ‘plotting’ Little finger who has finally found his way to penetrate the hierarchy in Winterfell. Anytime we get long stare from the Soon to be spokesman for ‘just for men,’ audiences should be concerned for their favorite characters.

Sansa, get your guard up!

Oh and one more thing…. Jorah has returned, and Dany was as happy as anyone and they Jorah immediately left with Jon…

Father of Dragons

For those who saw the scene where Jon and Drogon had a close encounter here’s a gif of it. This scene is one of the most riveting moments of the entire episode as we continue to see evidence of Jon’s heritage coming through. While we have known Jon’s parents since last season, we discovered something else last week. Coming off hand and from a character we aren’t trained to expect critical information from, Gilly delivered the most potent line of the episode and didn’t even get the name right.

Gilly discovers a scroll of a marriage annulment for Rhaegar Targaryen and an immediate remarriage with someone else. There is no speculation as to who this is because it is Jon’s mom, Lyanna Stark. This is crucial because of this technicality Jon more of a claim to the Iron Throne than Dany. The Real question is what will the other characters in the show with this information.

While Jon will brood and mull over the information for weeks could Dany feel threatened by him? Will the North follow him if he’s a Targaryen if they can’t stay loyal for a few weeks* (NO idea how much time has passed this season, they sail across the continent three times in a single episode)?

The Bearded Seven 

In the preview for next week, we hear a disturbing voice over from Arya and Beric. We see that episode six may leave us horrified. Seven of the best beards in Westeros are marching into wild towards an army of the dead.

In one of the less sensical plans ever to come out of a ‘GOT’ fish bowl, Jon and friends find themselves on the wrong side of the wall. Beric says some things about fear, but all that you can remember is the sound of a winded Jon Snow, running for his life.

We know a few things about their time North of the Wall, but for the most part, it’s only a glimpse. We know they find the Walkers and at some point, they have to make a break for it. Beric some how got the fire sword power up, and they appear over matched by the walkers (who could have thought).

What exactly do they think they’re going to do? They haven’t discussed how they’re going to bring this thing back. Have not discussed the likelihood of seven guys (and one with one eye) actually accomplishing what they set out to do given what happened the last time Jon saw the Night King. Not to mention Jorah and Gendry (welcome back Gendry, Yayyyy…) aren’t exactly combat ready. When was the last time Gendry was in an actual battle?? How long was Jorah in the Citadel?

The fate of the Westeros may lay in the hands of a blacksmith that would be better served making weapons out of the dragon-glass Jon just spent three episodes in Dragonstone for!

“I prefer a hammer.very exciting”

That being said, it should be fascinating television.

It’s all about the little things

Even with what’s happening North of the Wall, the more interesting parts of this episode may be between Arya and Sansa. We are led to believe that Arya is talking to Sansa in her creepy voice over in the trailer. Could Arya be so dense that she doesn’t realize Little Finger is playing her?

Or is this a misdirection and she and Sansa can come together instead of drifting apart. The Show needs the Starks together and perhaps it’ll be time for little finger to go.

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