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Game of Thrones Recap and Preview: ‘Eastwatch’/ ‘Beyond the Wall’

Trouble in Paradiseeee

In the fifth episode of season seven Eastwatch, we endured a whole lot of talking and bad ideas. Thankfully there are even more bad ideas and even more talking to come (maybe more running than talking it appears). Consider this your spoiler warning as we see where we are with just two more episodes.

Davos, I know you’re upset there’s only two more, but I’m here to tell you, there might be even less for you… on another installment of…

This Week In Westeros….

Love is in the air, and it smells like fermented crab!

Jaime and Bronn somehow manage to elude Dragon flames, drowning in the Lake/Pond-river and Jaime decides this is the time for an epiphany.

“I have to tell Cersei…”

“..Might as well Jump Back in that river…”

Meanwhile, on the other side of that river, Dany meets with the Tarly family (not including Sam). Telling the survivors of her attack on the Lannister army essentially ” I’m not here to kill you but if you don’t kneel, I’m going to kill you,” so yeah things are going great.

Tyrian and Varys are concerned that the ‘New season New Daenerys’ is starting to go off the rails. To their concerns, she did just incinerate Lord Tarly and his delightful son Dickon simply to prove a point.

Then again, the only Tarly we really care about is Sam. Sam and his studies have come to an end because, like many successful people, he has left school and his old head professors to help the fight in the North.

…And what was Gilly saying back there..?

Upon his return to Kingslanding, Jaime tells Cersei of the impending doom that is the mother of Dragons. However, she didn’t particularly like this idea, especially when coupled with the new information that Olena Tyrell killed her son.

Having no interest in changing direction, Cersei questions Jaime’s integrity and warns him to essentially, stay in his lane.

…..WHERE ARE THE GREYJOYS?!?!?!? (said by literally no one). Except where are they really? After so predominantly being featured at the beginning of the season, we haven’t seen Euron in a minute and whats Theon doing on Dragonstone? He doesn’t have any friends to talk to, and every moment he wastes is another he’s not attempting to save his sister.

Speaking of Sisters, Arya and Sansa are bonding well in Jon’s absence. Heading into Eastwatch, the two already had a strained relationship, and Sansa’s unwillingness to be forceful and spokesperson for Jon has Arya on edge.