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Game of Thrones Preview: “Eastwatch”

“Bran saw the Night King’s army heading towards Eastwatch….Bad things are coming”

What you are about to read is merely speculative. Based on the previous 64 episodes of Game of Thrones and the preview for tomorrows episode, Eastwatch. This publication does not endorse or indulge in the recent HBO hacks. It is our belief that the show is more fun when presented in its intended viewing experience. Also, it’s incredibly captivating to discuss all the possibilities the show has to offer. SO HERE WE GO…

Return of the Queen:

Daenerys has beaten the Lannister army in a surprise attack and where is Jaime? In the preview for Eastwatch, he is one of many notable characters missing. However, Dany is featured heavily and appears to be teetering on the edge between villainous and saintly.

Clearly Tyrian and Verys have taken notice as they appear to be talking behind Dany’s back upon their return to DragonStone.

Also occurring upon their return, Jon Snow meets Drogon. We might finally start to see some inklings of Jon’s Targaryen ancestry may reveal themselves as he appears to take a bigger part in Danys War Council.

Although other than spending, even more, time with Dany it seems Jon will have some way of talking to Bran in the North. Is it possible that Bran has the ability to telepathically communicate? In which case could he tell Cersei to chill?

Speaking of which, Cersei says she is going to collect something that belongs to her. This has viewers and critics alike what is the sphere of what she may think belongs to her.

Could she be reffering to her birthplace (currently controlled by Dany)? Is it something the show has yet to acknowledge? Or could it be something far more complicated in the likes of another person on the board, someone in the North perhaps?

If this is the case, two people, she may have a keen interest in can often be found side by side.

Little finger, a man who at this point has switched sides(in his mind he’s never been on one) so many times it’s easy to forget that he was supposed to be aligned with Cersei and has continuously undermined her and assisted the Starks in regaining the North. Indifferent to sensible decisions Cersei wouldn’t be opposed to going after the entire North if it meant killing little finger and maybe even more tempting Sansa.

Until Jaime returns(Alive, and assuming he’d tell her) Cersei is still under the belief that her brother and Sansa conspired to poison her Son. Could her hate for Sansa finally have manifested its self into an attempt to capture her? As was set last week, the Winterfell guards aren’t the brightest group of men. Although, with Arya back and Brienne close by one would hope they could work together and protect one another.


Given that it has been three weeks since we’ve last seen the Hound and the “fire worshippers” and they were going to east watch….safe to assume we’ll be catching up with the squad and possibly a white walker battle…

Along with a battle in some of the images released by HBO, we see the return of Sam to teach us more the world and probably check more stool samples. With his return maybe we can finally learn the origin of the dagger bestowed upon the Starks last week.


Yeah, so it has been a minute since these two charming gentlemen have been in the show and it’s about time for them to come back.

Please and Thank you HBO.


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