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Game of Thrones: One Life to Live

For those who may be unaware, last week we saw one of the more fan pleasing and critic dissatisfying episodes of Game of Thrones yet. Jon Snow and his sworn band of dead men(or the should be dead men) led a raid above the wall. The plan was foolish, reckless, and somehow lasted less than a full episode. Jon, Jorah, Gendry, the Hound, Beric, and Tormund survived an onslaught of the actual dead thanks to fastest raven the world has ever seen, the same cannot be said for one of Dany’s Dragons.

All of these men have narrowly survived death or have risen from it. Beric and Jon have both very literally died and risen from it because of the “Lord Of Light,” but as the Hound says “Careful Beric, you lost your priest. This is your last life.”

As we’ve seen in the Battle of the Bastards, since his rebirth, Jon Snow has narrowly avoided death by one way or another. With Melisandra whereabouts unknown, Snow’s character has been more than willing to needlessly risk his life when he doesn’t have too.

This is no time but the present.

With six episodes down and one to go this season, what we’ve seen from the worlds favorite show has set itself up for a rushed finale. In previous seasons we have had the luxury of spending more time with characters and truly dissecting who they are and what drives them. Instead, boats, ravens, and dragons can travel the globe in multiple times in an episode, and yet somehow Jon can’t find the time to send a letter North to save Sansa and Arya from one another.

Earlier in the season, before Snow leaves for DragonStone, the Northern Lords remind us of what happened to Winterfell when Robb Stark road South. Now Snow is following in his footsteps as the Northern Leadership is falling apart and the Cause and people he is fighting for are closer to falling apart and heading home than waiting for Snow to return to fight the White Walkers.

Convoluted and confusing with all of our main characters relatively close we still find ways to not have scenes with valuable characters. Bran spent yet another episode on the sidelines and considering his supposed immense power of his character goes to waste.

The Character that can reportedly see both the past and the future has sat on the sidelines for most of season seven. His presence in most scenes has left viewers and characters alike with a bad taste in their mouth. Bran’s arc has nose dived a brought us to a place where his interest is unclear and then again he might not have any interests at all.

Bran has lost his ability to socialize with regular people and is knowingly abstaining from helping Sansa and Arya. His neglect towards whats actually happening around him will either be a huge payoff in the end or just an oversight by the show.

Ice Dragon Rider

The Night King had it all, an undead army, millions of miles of real estate, never had to shave. That was all before he had his very own Ice Dragon at the price of Dany’s children. This episode was a reality check for Dany not only for what the army of the dead is but that isn’t untouchable. Before last week Dany was feeling very frustrated with her current standing knowing she could easily win this war by just marching on Kings Landing. Her urge o charge up north was not just a mission to save two men that have feelings for her but a rebellious act against this patience play that Tryion has advised her to do.

The Cost of losing her Dragon can not be neglected because…how do you kill it? It’s hard enough to kill a sprinting skeleton let alone a Zombie Dragon with the leader of the army a Javelin throwing prodigy.

Anyone have the Night King's contact info so we can recruit him to throw javelin? #GameOfThrones pic.twitter.com/7uUiEDL1xs — U.S. Olympic Team (@TeamUSA) August 21, 2017

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