Game 7? Make it a double

With the Wizards loss on Wednesday night and the Rockets loss Tuesday, they are down 3-2. However, both teams will be winning game six, and that’s a fact.

While Leonard is still listed as ‘Questionable’ for tonight’s game, playing him could be disastrous. Coach Popovich knows this; he won’t play Leonard if it worsens the injury. Without Kahwi Leonard, the Rockets are obligated to win game six. Consequently, if James Harden is a no show (Injured or Not), the Rockets next season will be replaced with the Serbian league All-Stars. The two-time DOY has stifled the Rockets outside shooting and limited Harden’s output on offense.

In recent years, Harden has been hard to find when the going has gotten tough. Even with Leonard out, the Rockets could see their MVP Candidate put up a dud like in game two. With NeNe out, the team has a lack of options off the bench and have lost most of their inside game and have limited their offensive output.

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However, the same can be said for the Spurs without their leading scorer. Something about an offense that revolves around living fossil, Pau Gasol, and Patty Mills is not encouraging. With game seven on the horizon expect to see Leonard back and hopefully see another showing as we saw in game 5. The winner gets the honor of losing to the Warriors in 5 or fewer games.

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