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GAC Motor Unveils “Entranze” EV Concept: The Future of Transportation

Every so often the automotive industry and it’s many players release something that takes the world by storm. This year GAC Motor proudly introduced the Entranze EV concept vehicle at the 2019 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). The 7-person futuristic car kicks off yet another successful year for China’s fifth-largest automaker who is determined to have a stronger presence in North America.

The Entranze’s fuselage-inspired interior seats up to seven in a 3+2+2 configuration. The foldable rocker panels serve as steps and also function as a bench for comfortable outdoor seating. This inside-out concept is inspired by coastal architecture, that can blur the line’s between indoor and outdoor living.

Aircraft inspiration is further evidenced in the Entranze’s UX/UI system. Its intuitive controls are “autopilot”-ready. A special steering wheel uses illuminated touch controls around the steering wheel’s perimeter and works with a heads-up information cluster and voice-command activation. The car’s interior also has a versatile, multi-functional 3-seat bench in the first row. GAC Motor decided to include LED screens on either side of the wave-inspired instrument panel. Another nod to aviation includes a storage trolley that slides between the seats when needed.

The GAC Entranze EV concept is the realization of the future of automotive interiors, pairing a sleek aerodynamic, futuristic exterior with the interior automobile cabin of the future. The exterior and interior attractively merge together through the vehicle’s sliding glass doors and panoramic roof. For more information, click here.


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