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From Chemist to Health and Wellness Strategist – Meet Jamar Robinson

The world is filled with many amazing personalities but some people stand out as motivators to people who look up to them. The life of Jamar Robinson, health and wellness strategist remains a fantastic and challenging one. He never studied health and fitness in college yet he is one of the most reputable strategists Georgia has seen.

Robinson graduated as a chemist from Florida A&M University with his master’s degree. He started as a chemistry instructor at FAMU and the Tallahassee Community College. He enjoyed chemistry as a course and loved teaching it but he knew the class was not the place where he felt he would be needed most. After six years into the job, he started finding the job tiring and boring.

It doesn’t matter how a man begins his life but where he ends it is the story that will fill the lips of so many people even when he is gone. Jamar moved from classroom teaching to an online teacher because of his love and passion for teaching but the stress was not the way he pictured it would be. The gym was like a second home to Jamar and the day he least expected, he got an opportunity to become a personal trainer. It all happened at the Atlanta Sports Complex in Atlanta. In 2012, Jamar started his own fitness company, PlayHrdTrainHrd. Jamar was just a man dedicated to what he loved and his dedication brought him more than he expected in a short period. In 2013, Jamar became a trainer for Nike.

Nike helped to elevate his career and he was able to boost his business to a higher level. Jamar not only excels in his group training, but he’s grown into a health and wellness consultant. His reputation and capabilities as a trainer have earned him contracts with reputable companies.

“The world is configured to always bring competition to you even when you refuse to go for it, but uniqueness in your field is all you need to stand you out of the crowd”, says Jamar. Unlike other trainers, Jamar’s ability to break down things that appear complex into something simple helped him in becoming more effective in making his clients and students understand the information he is trying to pass out to them at the gym. Observation and studying are part of the keys to knowledge, which is power.

Jamar noticed getting into shape was not just about the gym but also about thinking, eating and living right. He made this part of his instruction and always makes people understand as much as possible, the importance of eating the right food regarding fitness and wellness.

Jamar is an example of a passionate and focused man. These two factors have been helpful in getting him quality relationships without stress and struggles. From his observations, he was able to determine the major cause of health issues and lack of fitness in society. He noticed people only eat because it feels right to eat but they do not really understand the implication of the things they put in their mouth. Readers are leaders; you only know when you find. Having gotten much from his studying, Jamar encourages people to study to become knowledgeable about their environments, their health and how to make the world a better place. This worked for him; he believes it can work for others too. Nothing is impossible if you try, nothing is too difficult if you remain positive.

Jamar believes in possibilities through the very words we speak so he encourages everyone to choose their words carefully. He is the proud owner of  PlayHrdTrainHrd, one of Atlanta’s fastest-growing networks of fitness enthusiasts which consists of professional fitness trainers, fitness business owners, and fitness managers.

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