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Fraternity Row Spotlights Alpha Phi Alpha Brother Leon Burns

Fraternity Row Spotlights Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Brother Leon Burns. Check out his profile below!

Leon Burns


Leon Burns

College Attended:

Hampton University

Fraternity and Chapter Name:

Alpha Phi Alpha, Iota Upsilon Lambda (Montgomery County, MD)


Government Contractor for the Dept. of Treasury BEP

Why did you join Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated?

I joined Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, incorporated after being inspired by so many Alpha men in my life. This decision was solidified after the passing of my Dad, in 2011 when an Alpha man by the name of Robert Hatchel came back into my life to offer mentorship and guidance throughout my early 20’s. It was then that I realized what Alpha was and I wanted to work for an organization that exuded excellence and Men of the highest caliber.

How has being in Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated helped you after college?

Being Greek after college has been incredibly beneficial to me within the D9 network. I’ve been amazed at how many Greeks within the D9 network have taken note to my Greek affiliation and have offered to help me throughout my career with open arms. It’s great to know that your Greek family extends well beyond the brothers within your fraternity.

Special Projects:

I have started a web series called Black Menthal Health Matters which attempts to bring people of color together in an effort to de-stigmatize the mental health issues surrounding the African-American community.



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