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Former Athlete, Ronnie Cropper, Creates First Tech Solution for Fixing your Credit

From student loans to credit card debt, millennials are constantly living with low credit scores. Jay Z wants everyone to have financial freedom but how can we achieve that? Former Athlete Ronnie Cropper has created a self-service platform for making disputes on your credit report and increasing your credit score. We had the opportunity to learn more about Mr. Cropper and his company DisputeDoc.

How did you transition from playing basketball overseas to starting a tech company?

I had been trying to get into the NBA for 5 years. I had more success in business than basketball so I gave up on that dream. Tech was a natural transition for me after wanting to build a solution for the credit industry. I made a lot of money helping people with their finances but I needed a way to scale. However, I don’t think people realize how hard startup life really is! It takes over everything in your life.

What is DisputeDoc?

It’s the first automated solution for fixing credit. In a nutshell, we use an engine to get you documents you need to dispute items on your credit report.

How does DisputeDoc work?

For the consumer, you pay $25, answer a series of questions, and then the system will generate a custom letter along with instructions on how to dispute the item.

Why are you so passionate about Credit reform?

Well, Jay Z said it best. Credit is how people have built and owned this land. It’s the secret sauce. And there are people who can’t get a break because the system is designed in a way that doesn’t allow them the same opportunity or punishes them for making a mistake. I believe we should all have the equal opportunity to use the funds available to us as Americans.

The Tech industry is not the most diverse, especially for African Americans. How were you able to navigate through the challenging field?

I’m still navigating! There are many who are pushing the status quo and I think the media talking about it helps. We will all break the glass ceiling together.

What does it mean to be accepted into the Google Exchange?

It’s the first program I’m participating in and I can’t wait to see what we can do with DisputeDoc and bridging the funding gap for black founders. I’m excited and hopefully, it will be the start of bigger things to come.

What can we look forward to from Ronnie Cropper?

Changing the financial landscape in America one document at a time. Innovate industries and make our mark on the world. We’re thinking big over here!

Make sure you look out for DisputeDoc which will be available soon!


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