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Flying with Lufthansa


On a recent flight to Italy I had the pleasure of flying with Lufthansa Airlines. From the moment I first entered the aircraft, I knew it was something different but was completely surprised by everything the airline had to offer.

This was my second time flying internationally but my first time flying with Lufthansa Airlines. See I travel quite often in the states and usually its the same across most airlines; bumpy ride, 0ver charged baggage fees, tight space and no comfort. But when I stepped into Lufthansa’s plane it looked as if the airplane only had executive passengers.

The customer service was spectacular and the feel of the economy seating was superb. To start off I’ve never been on a flight where they offered you Wet Towels. Now that I think about it, I never used any type of sanitation methods while on a plane and I can only imagine how dirty airplanes are with all the people that pass through day after day. Now after you have properly removed the dirt from your hands, you are asked if you would like a drink. The complimentary assortment of Alcoholic beverages included red and white wines, Finlandia Vodka, Dewars Whiskey and more.

Now that they got you feeling nice, you really can enjoy the spacious and comfortable seating. The room that I had for my legs and the length that I could recline my chair was a passengers dream!

Having a late flight gave us the opportunity to be served dinner. Their Chili chicken and rice dinner was so good I checked to see if there was a chef in the back. The complete spread consisted of salad, entree and dessert which was more than enough to fill your appetite!

Just when you thought the Lufthansa experience was over the lovely ladies came down the aisle asking if you would like bourbon or baileys!

This was superb airline and an even more amazing experience. I would recommend Lufthansa to anyone looking to fly overseas!

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