FLYING PRIVATE: Pay Once, Fly Always with New York Jet Club

New York Jet Club (NYJC) gives a new meaning to flying private. Count on their flights to make the time you spend on your flight more enjoyable and productive for those on the constant go. NYJC was founded by entrepreneur Spring Saunders in early 2016. Since its inception, NYJC’s team has worked diligently to uncover the most in demand flight routes, establish relationships with bespoke partners in accommodations, real estate and events, and develop its luxury air fleet. Today, NYJC owns and operates nine private jets through its partner Global Exec Aviation and offers extensive concierge services to its high level clients from around the globe.

Get your membership and book your seats. The membership gives executives and corporations access to an online private jet booking services as well as a designated personal concierge. The booking process takes a total of 2 minutes to complete. Your comfort and satisfaction are guaranteed. NYJC makes sure that they are the gold standard for flying private. They offer top-of-the-line jets. All flights are on either a GIV, Falcon 900 or Global 6000.

NYJC provides superior service that sets the industry standard for professionalism, expertise and knowledge. They deliver the skill flexibility, reliability, knowledge and attention to detail you need to meet all your needs and exceed your every expectation.

After becoming a member of NYJC, you will be given online access to a plethora of service, whether there is a company event to be planned or a client request for a VIP tour of the city, your concierge is there to help. The NYJC team is international, catering to people who speak English, Mand