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Five Questions that need Answering in the Game of Thrones Finale “The Dragon and The Wolf&#822

It took just seven weeks this season but we’ve finally arrived at the end of Season Seven with The Dragon and The Wolf. Game of Thrones has established itself as the premier show on television but has been through a tumultuous season. From confusing story lines, strange character arcs, to the hacks that began last month. While some may have already discovered what may occur tomorrow night we are here for those of you who are in the dark and we have some questions.

Do Arya and Sansa still have Beef?

Possibly the most frustrating storyline of the entire season, moments after reuniting the Stark family, the story sought to break them apart. From jealousy and unhealed wounds, through the first six-episodes, that’s the impression we’ve gotten from Arya and Sansa but is it true?

How could Arya take such a harsh turn on her sister who controls the North while Jon is off masquerading in the Snow? One would hope after seasons of sitting through Arya’s “training” is she truly incapable of seeing the bigger picture at hand? The North needs to stay intact for the war to come and if Arya and Sansa are to do anything drastic it shouldn’t be to one another. There’s someone more equipped to take the brunt of their combined anger. Let this be the end of Lord Petyr Baelish‘s time in Winterfell.

Is the Night King a Warg?

There have been hints to the Night Kings extended magical abilities in the time that we’ve known him. For starters his ability to sense Bran, not only when he’s warging but traveling through time. When he touched Bran giving him the ability to enter the Cave of the three eyed Raven. His Ability to walk through fire is also somewhat of a concern if there are any plans for Dragons trying to melt him.

Is he warging into the Whites, is that how he gets them to follow him and move as one body rather than individual soldiers. Did He know that the Dragons were coming? If not why did he stand and watch Jon and company sit on that rock? Why did he wait to use his Javelins until the Dragons got there? Not to mention he seemed overly prepared for thousands of his Army to get burnt to a crisp.

Will Snow find out he’s a Targaryen?

So much of the future of the Game of Thrones story rides on Snow knowing his true parentage and yet the keeps it from him. Bran Knows Jon’s parentage, we know and maybe he and Dany wouldn’t be chilling on the love boat if they knew the truth. How Will Dany Feel when she finds out that her whole Identity as the last Targaryen isn’t quite accurate? How will she feel about the fact that Snow technically has a stronger claim than her?

Then there’s, of course, the question of how will North and the rest of the Starks feel when they learn the truth, not only of Jon but their father. That he concealed Jons identity and his sister not only wasn’t kidnapped but married Rhaegar Targaryen.

So Who’s Getting Hitched?

Are Jon and Dany getting wedding bells or will Jorah swoop in? Will Podrick and Gendry compete to the death for Arya’s cold affection?!??!? Will Cersei and Jaime finally tie the knot that is their screwed up relationship? Speaking of Ships, Is Euron still looking to make Cersei his Queen?

What happened to the prisoners of Westeros?

While not necessarily impactful characters to the story I find myself wondering, what happened to that Nun? What was the Mountain doing to her? Also what has come of the Sand Snakes? They have now been Cersei’s prisoners for most of season seven with rather bleak prospects. Their departure from the story was quick, unsatisfying, and Ellaria needs to reconnect with her new friend Yara Greyjoy. Also a POW, but to Euron, not Cersei.

Given Theon’s lack of Screen time, one must wonder if the Greyjoy’s role I this story is ending. There will undoubtedly be at least one last battle scene with Theon and Euron but if they’re not a part of season seven don’t expect much more from the Greyjoys to come in season 8, especially from Yara who may or may not still be alive.


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