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Five Lessons Every Father Should Teach Their Son

Who’s Your Daddy? What Every Son Needs To Know takes you on a journey with author Kevin Davis Sr. through his life and lets you in on the conversation with his son. The transparency of the story pulls you in and makes it a non-stop reading.

The life skills and wisdom imparted can be used for every parent wanting more for their child. You will learn the importance of family, the importance of investment, establishing generational wealth, and the importance of financial literacy. Kevin shares with us a few gems about five lessons he believes every father should teach their son.

Author Kevin Davis Sr.

“It was as if I was promised tomorrow the day I saw my son being born, but having a son at the age of 51 left me in fear that my time was short. So inspired by a love so intense, I began this journey to journal my life and guide him. I knew if I died tomorrow, he would be financially secure; however, I needed him to know who his father truly was in the event I didn’t make it to his 18th birthday. I hope my journey inspires all parents, not just fathers, to never again leave their future generations without an inheritance or a legacy of greatness.” – Kevin Davis Sr.

  1. I think that every father should teach their son how to play chess to instill an overall strategy in life. I was taught how to play chess by my dad at the age of seven years old. It not only gave me confidence, but it was one of the most impactful and powerful lessons. My very first lesson in chess was to focus, analyze, then respond (F.A.R.). This taught me the power of making the right choices by weighing the decision-making process. It also taught me useful tools like logic and common sense. I will never forget my dad saying to me when referring to common sense, “If it had teeth, it would bite you.” Chess also taught me how to figure things out and introduced me to critical thinking at an early age; it guided me through the early stages of my development. So, I believe that chess should be a part of every son’s childhood.

  2. One of the biggest things in our community is that men don’t like to read, so I believe this is one of the most critical things we must teach our sons. My dad would often say that everything you need to know is in the books that you don’t read. Books open a universe of exploration, imagination, and information. Teaching our sons to have a love for reading is crucial to their development as well as their financial future. Books provide leadership, mentorship, and guidance in areas of interest as well as a road map to any business venture imaginable. Reading helped me discover myself outside the box of standardized education. If I never read books, I would have never become a stockbroker. And if my dad would have never said to me that “life is full of adjustments”, l would have lived inside a sterilized box of what I could and couldn’t do. One of the first books my dad gave me to read was a book by Sam Greenlee titled, The Spook Who Sat by the Door. Although it was a book on civil rights and rebellion, it opened me up to a world unknown, and I enjoyed it. Reading allows a child to build an informational resource; without it, old thoughts that stunt growth, grow stale.

  3. Another powerful lesson for all our sons is the power of choice and the importance of taking ownership for their actions. I think the slogan, “If it is to be, it is up to me,” should be the basis for how we teach our son’s ownership. We should teach them to stand by their choices at an early age. The most important opportunity I was ever taught came from my grandmother, and that was the decision to do what was right instead of wrong. This goes to the core of my integrity because she taught me to never lie to myself and always fight for what I believe in. She taught me that the truth starts with being true to yourself, and in life, you are only as good as the choices you make. So, to me, this is key. As fathers, we should also teach the importance of responsibility and accountability when it comes to taking ownership because so many of us as children and men are fatherless. My biological father shucked his responsibility, as did many fathers after him. But by the grace of God, I found my true dad. And without him and his guidance, I wouldn’t be the man I am today.

  4. The next lesson is one for both fathers and sons. It’s essential to gain a financial education. Money is not the root of all evil. The lack of knowledge about money causes the problem. We should teach our sons how to monetize what they patronize early. What I mean is to teach them about investing in the stock market. Start with small lessons. For example, inform them about the products or services they already enjoy, like Disney, Nike, and Google (YouTube). Teach them to budget and that money is strictly a tool. Teach them never to love things or worship material possessions but to reserve their love solely for the special people in their life. Teach them about the importance of building a legacy and always leaving an inheritance as well as instruction so that the road is illuminated for the next generation coming after them. And lastly, teach them about the three methods of building wealth through the stock market, real estate, and owning businesses. It is gravely important that we raise our financial relevance on the economic ladder through our children, not just our sons.

  5. To me, the most critical lesson any father can teach his son is humility, love, and loyalty for family, respect for women, and the fear of God. The concept of “it takes a village” is missing and the examples of being a man have been diluted by ego and misogynistic behavior towards women in society. It’s no wonder the family dinner seems to be missing and doesn’t seem to be returning any time soon. So, teaching that we are stronger together as a God-fearing family is of extreme importance, along with the sacred belief that every woman on this planet is a sacred creature and should be treated as such. We are nothing without our belief in God; we should walk in faith, and our behavior should reflect the humility bestowed upon us in creation. The greatest gift in life is God’s love, a mother’s love, and a father’s love. It should always not only be taught but displayed.


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