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Five Adventures to Explore as a Single Male Traveler

Men travel solo far less than women. Whether it be the planning aspect that seems daunting or the idea of having to make new friends (or be alone), there are options out there that allow you to explore the world even if you have to leave your bros at home.

Flash Pack connects like-minded solo travelers in their 30’s and 40’s to share extraordinary group adventures. We’ve put together some great trips for men (by some of our male Flashpackers!) looking to get out and test themselves or simply chill…but in foreign territory.

The peaks of Peru/ Climbing Rainbow Mountain

Rainbow Mountain

Photo Credit: Roi Dimor

You’ll need the support of fellow Flashpackers every step of the way, as you tackle the 5,035-metre ascent up through the breath-taking Cusco region of the Peruvian Andes. You and your crew will camp overnight at 4,000 meters, but don’t expect to get much sleep; the altitude makes everything harder. Make an early start for the final summit push, and watch in awe as the extraordinary dome of “Winicunca” comes into sight. You’ll never look at a Stairmaster in the same way again.

Challenge yourself in Chile


Photo credit: Raphael Nogueira

Throw yourself into white-water rapids, glacier hikes, and geyser spotting on this mesmerizing 13-day trip around Chile. The trip takes in the Casablanca Hills, the Atacama desert and jaw-dropping glacial scenes in Patagonia. And it’s one that will leave you stunned by the earth’s beauty. You’ll also head home with some brag-worthy memories – who else in your office can say they hiked a glacier?!

Discover the secrets of Croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Photo credit: Frans

Here’s a trip packed with adventure but also a little chill. You’ll go waterfall kayaking down the Mrežnica River (yes, straight down waterfalls – it’s fun, we promise). Then wild swimming in the emerald lakes of Plitvice Lakes National Park. Pure paradise. But there’s also time to wind down in ‘the new St. Tropez’ – the gorgeous town of Hvar. It’s the perfect mix of adrenaline and rejuvenation.

Go Canyoning in Jordan’s Wadi Mujib

Jordan's Wadi Mujib

Photo credit: Jamie Brown

Flashpackers are thrown right into the deep end on our Jordan trip, with an exhilarating climb through the gorges of the Wadi Mujib. You’ll need your wits about you as you navigate river crevices and giant slippery rocks that lie in the shadow of towering sandstone canyons.

Abseil Down Cape Town’s Table Mountain

Cape Town's Table Mountain

Photo credit: Ashley Jurius

If inching your way off a precipice 1,086 meters above sea level shouts BRILLIANT EXPERIENCE to you, look no further. Our Cape Town stint at abseiling is not for the fainthearted but boy, does it deliver in the thrill stakes.

Find out more here. If perhaps this isn’t quite the thrill you’re looking for, but exploring South Africa’s Cape Town and other areas capture your interest, you should invest in South Africa Tours for an unforgettable experience. South Africa has much to offer, including safari adventures and swimming with sharks, followed by a relaxing meal with great food and fine wine.


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