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Fitness Entrepreneur and First-Time Author Doyen “Dolo” Grant Talks Life, Fitness and Success

Doyen “Dolo” Grant has long subscribed to specific principles that have brought him success in a wide range of areas such as business, entrepreneurship, fitness, and most recently as an author. In his new book, Life | Fitness | Success – Why Not You?, the first in a three-volume series, Dolo details his inspirations through photography, unique quotes and personal anecdotes. Learn more about how Dolo chronicled his fundamental principles for achieving his goals below:

Walk me through the inspiration for Life | Fitness | Success – Why Not You? What was the initial vision/goal and what planted the seed?

As a trainer and motivator, I’d always say uplifting things and motivational one-liners that I didn’t even realize until one of my clients pointed it out to me a few years back. As other people and clients also made me aware of this, I realized my words can help a lot more people beyond my immediate reach and thought of capturing them on paper. Over the next three years, I’d jot down quotes and affirmations in my phone as they came to me little by little. Next thing I knew, I’d compiled over 300 unique uplifting quotes. I knew I’d want to write a book and put them on paper but didn’t know when.

Why a book as opposed to another platform/medium?

I chose to write the book because it was a way for me to leave a lasting footprint. We say things and it gets forgotten, or post things and they get scrolled over, but a book in print and ink will last forever for my kids and their kids [to read] over time. I wanted this to be a piece of my legacy. Also, where I’m from people don’t write books! I always strive to set the bar high and be the first to do things!

In the book, you talk about some of the people and life experiences that have influenced your life and career path. What type of feedback have you been receiving from family, friends and other readers?

Everyone is really proud and super excited to be involved or even mentioned in the book! I believe that for young men, your coaches help you the most as mentors and father figures when there aren’t any other options available. My coaches were honored [to be referenced] and I’m happy to make sure their tutelage wasn’t wasted. Friends love it. Some say it gives them a pick-me-up when they need it and others say it’s pretty dope to know some of the deeper quotes came from my mind as I’m pretty much a jokester 90 percent of life [laughs]. My mom is beyond elated as she showed the book off at work DAILY when it first came out! I just wanted to make sure her years and efforts spent raising me weren’t in vain.

Can you talk me through the publication process? How did you decide on the publisher?

The process was pretty cool. When I was initially searching online for publishers two years ago, I got annoyed and I stopped. A few weeks later, Kayode Smith, founder of K.E.Y.S Publications and a good friend of mine, called me and literally said, “I just thought of something. You ever thought about putting your story on paper? You’ve got a story to tell and people will love it!” I replied, “YES, HELL YESSSSSSS!” He then told me he was starting a publishing company and we took it from there. The rest, as they say, is history.

Your book references discipline and how that influences your fitness level as well as achieving other goals. How do you continue to motivate yourself physically?

Discipline is very important to me as it’s necessary in anything we do to achieve a goal. Without it, we are just running in circles wishing things will happen for us or banking on getting lucky. I’m constantly motivated to just do more than I did yesterday. It’s metaphorical in a sense but it’s merely pushing yourself to do more than what you ever thought you could. I push my body to its physical limits every time I work out, which in turn sharpens my mental toughness. Once you combine the two, there isn’t much you’ll allow to defeat you- your body and mind just want more success and positivity in all ways.

You’re a personal trainer, entrepreneur and now author. Any other spaces you’d like to tap into?

I’m also an investor, public speaker, chef and caterer and run businesses in those spaces as well [laughs] but I’d sum up my life visions as an entrepreneur. I like to grow businesses from the ground up and actually work. I’m a product of the grind and appreciate and love the feeling of seeing a vision set, a plan made and then [crafting] the necessary steps to start that endeavor. I definitely intend to open a restaurant in the future, – that’s after I open my own gym and release my other books [in this series] as well as a cookbook. Yeah, I got a lot brewing over here [laughs]. I’m pretty much open to anything if it solves a problem and helps people.