Senior Financial Analyst and Showrunner Philaye Says Working a 9 to 5 is Key to Funding Your Passion

Philip Johnson professionally known as Philaye, is a 24-year-old Black filmmaker born and raised in Detroit who is currently resides in Hollywood. At a young age, he had a dream and his journey is destined to be one that proves that hard work will pay off. Learn more about Philaye, his views on creatives working in corporate America and his upcoming projects below.

Who is Philip? Who is Philaye?

Philip and Philaye are one and the same. Philip is more my introverted, nerdy self. Philaye is the multi-hyphenate artist/entertainer, who represents the way others often perceive me. I originally became “Philaye” back in 10th grade in 2010. I had to miss an after-school club’s meeting due to track practice, so my girlfriend at the time made up the nickname “Phil-aye” for them to put on the back of my club T-shirt. That immediately became my new Twitter and Instagram handle, and people loved it, so it stuck ever since. Philaye is the fun me!   

What inspires you?

Goodness, that list is long. FUN inspires me. I believe in living life like a free child in the summertime. I am inspired by those moments where so much love is built up in me, that love explodes from me like the sun. My TV shows that I watch inspire me every single day by the fun places they help my mind escape to. The things, such as rollercoasters and track and performing, that I loved as a child inspire me. The bond I share with my family and friends inspires me because that intense love reminds me of what a blessing it is to be alive. Issa Rae’s journey inspires the hell out of my entrepreneurial ventures. The list could go on forever because God inspires me in a million ways every week.

You recently posted on social media that you are now the Senior Financial Analyst at Warner Brothers, Congratulations. As a creative, do you feel it's important to maintain