Film Review: “The Best Of Enemies”

The Best of Enemies is a film that explores the nuances of discovering the truth of pain. But to understand this, you have to place yourself in two real-life scenarios to better accept the sappy display of affection that each character demonstrated throughout. Sappy is used as a tone to sugar coat the actual state of mind and emotions felt in The Best of Enemies. If it wasn’t a movie, you could imagine the disdain, hurt and rawness each and every individual would have endured from one another living in this era. I mean we are talking about Durham, North Carolina, in the 70s. A place where Blacks are in destitute of quality living, education and overall basic human rights. So, when one stood in solidarity for all, the town became a divided community spewed in hate. It was a clear race division spearheaded by the Invisible Empire and Black folks that reside there.