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Features to Include the Ultimate Luxury Kitchen

Black designers are among the highest ranked in the world and this is true in the world of fashion as much as in that of interiors. Rayman Boozer, principal designer and CEO of Apartment 48 is famed for his modernistic flair, while Jeanine Hays and Bryan Mason are known for their high-end residential projects, many of which include cutting-edge kitchens with sophisticated features. If you are renovating your kitchen or are building from scratch and budget isn’t an issue, make sure to include these luxury features, which will wow your guests as much they do your family.

Luxury Countertops

Open kitchens are all the rage these days. They are seen as a way to boost communication between the chef and the rest of the family, but they are also a great opportunity to show off your new luxury island or countertop. Some of the top materials for these furniture items include silestone (a combination of Quartz and other raw materials), marble, and recycled glass. The latter is a great choice for those seeking something out of the ordinary; it is also eco-friendly, sturdy, and easy to clean. Back these countertops with some colored acrylic splashbacks to give the room some real character, you can get these at

High-end Cooking Equipment

It is important to invest in equipment that will last a lifetime. Elegant, tried-and-tested brands such as Le Creuset or All-Clad will say you are a man of tradition but also one that knows the importance of even temperatures, safe materials, and non-stick/burn pots and pans. The secret to luxury also lies in the little details. Your kitchen drawers should have items like sharp knives, quality spatulas, strainers, mixers, hand beaters, and other equipment you need to create exquisite daily meals.

Designer Lighting Features

Forget the standard lamp on the ceiling and opt for something a little more graceful, such as hanging pendant lights that vary in length. Italian brand Nella Vetrina are masters at this type of lighting though there are many luxury brands that boast their own gorgeous designs. Vertical pendant lights are all the rage in living rooms and bedrooms, but there is no reason you cannot include them above your kitchen island. If you have a coffee bar in your kitchen, you can really raise the sophistication factor by lighting up the area with an elaborate chandelier.

Granite Shelving

Firms like Sole are showing how cool grey granite shelves can look in kitchens. If space isn’t an issue, then it makes sense to install a large shelf such as these, where you can keep color-coordinated cooking books, designer items, and designer jars, vintage wooden pieces and other items that will give your kitchen the appeal of a home. These shelves work particularly well in beige or black kitchens since their imperfect patterns tone down the steeliness of colder hues.

Wine Chillers

You are most probably having a bespoke kitchen made, so consider little additions that will certainly wow your guests at your next soiree. One idea is to create a narrow gap on your benchtop that drains into the sink. Fill it with ice and your favorite bottle of Armand de Brignac or Cristal.

We have mentioned just a few ideas to turn your kitchen into an object of contemplation. Sophisticated lighting, furniture in items like marble and granite, and quality equipment will add the panache you desire. Functionality should also be an important consideration so make sure to include features that will make life easier as well as infinitely more beautiful.

Written by Jennifer Dawson


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