This Organization Helps Fathers Who are Newly Released From Prison Get on Their Feet

Fathers’ Uplift’s Bags for Dads’ program offers hope and support for men who are newly released from prison. The organization gifts fathers with duffle bags containing necessities such as tubes of toothpaste, deodorants, clothes, and blankets. What seems like a small gift can have a monumental impact on these men as they re-enter society with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Most beneficial of all, they are provided with transportation, a home and can seek help in rebuilding their lives through mental health and mentoring programs. 

Charles Daniels, Jr. founded the life-changing program two years ago after conversing with a father who was serving jail time. The organization has helped countless fathers combat addictions, financial crises, and other obstacles that could potentially prohibit them from having an active role in the lives of their children.

Bags for Dads’ program’s mission is to not only supply essentials for the fathers but to let them know they don’t have to face their challenges alone. Through this program, Daniels hopes to change the misconception that men in prison don’t care about the families they’ve temporarily left behind. Being raised in a fatherless home is what inspired Daniels to create Fathers’ Uplift. His father left home when he was ten years old.

After becoming a father five years ago, Daniels’ vision holds even greater meaning. He founded Fathers’ Uplift along with his wife, Samantha Fils-Daniels. The organization has nearly 30 employees and offers support for fathers experiencing personal life challenges such as divorce or not having a parental figure for guidance in child-rearing. Fathers’ Uplift provides various services ranging from employment assistance to housing. They’ve helped almost 3,000 fathers from all walks of life and are currently managing a new institute that will train social workers and psychologists to assist the fathers, specifically minorities. The organization is located in Dorchester, MA.

Source: Good Morning America

Photo Credit: Fathers’ Uplift