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10 Most Fashionable Cities in the World to Visit this Year

The world is a diverse place of fashion. Every state has strong cultural roots, and every culture has its own style. Paris, New York, Milan, and London are the most prominent fashion places in the world. But, many other states globally make a name for themselves. The festive fashion, street fashion, and bridal fashion are a few styles that are brilliantly designed by some states. Here are the ten most fashionable cities in the world that you must visit next year.

Paris, France

Apart from the delicious food and romantic Eiffel Tower, Paris is the number one fashionable city in the world. Fashion ingrains in their Parisian culture. Since 1973 Paris hosts the world’s biggest fashion show, The Paris Fashion Week. Legendary fashion names like Hubert de Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, Coco Chanel, and Christian Dior are French. This city of lights has the top 50 fashion schools in the world like Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale, Paris College of Art and Studio Bercot, and Istituto Marangoni are just a few. Along with this, Elle, the world’s largest fashion magazine, was also launched in Paris in the year 1945.

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, located in South Korea, is a paradise with leading fashion hubs that influence globally. Tourists in Seoul love to shop items from the vintage stores from Myeongdong and other hot districts. Head straight to Smith market if you are looking for designer items like Prada, Alexander McQueen at reasonably discounted rates. Seoul is also a place that hosts international fashion week bi-annually. It takes place in Dongdaemun Design Plaza during October and March. Fashion legends from far and near areas join to be a part of this mega event.

Rome, Italy

There are so many reasons why visiting Rome should be in your bucket list. Italy has so much to offer in terms of mountains, ancient ruins, and museums, but the best is the shopping experience it has to offer. This beautiful country is famous for some of the best places to shop and is an ideal place for fashionistas. Splurge money on shopping at the meandering and narrow streets of Rome, where you will find the local boutiques as well as some global brands.

Berlin, Germany

While Paris offers haute couture, Berlin provides a mix of the latest streetwear and the office attire. It is a place of unconventional artists like Hugo Boss, Karl Lagerfeld, and Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley. The art and music of Berlin have been an inspiration behind the boom of fashion over the years. Universitat der Kunste Berlin, ESMOD Berlin, FHTW Berlin, and Best Sabel are few of the 40 fashion schools in Germany. Just like the fashion weeks in Paris and New York, Berlin hosts the Berlin Fashion Week, which launches the young designers in the fashion world. It started in the year 2007 and now happens bi-annually.

London, England

London ranks highly amongst the world’s distinctive fashion centers. Designers love London because of it’s multi-cultural, diverse population. It is at par in technology and creativity from its rival cities. The sense of style in London is conventional and compliment the fashion values of other fashion capitals like Milan, Paris, and NewYork. Designers like Mary Quant, Ossie Clarke, and Barbara Hulanicki found their inspiration and creativity in the street-level.

New York, United States

New York is famous for its literature, architecture, style, art, and it’s a fast lifestyle. The fast-paced lifestyle of New York keeps it ahead in the fashion trends, making it the fashion capital of North America. The looks are inspirations from the city’s art. They gave birth to top designers like Calvin Klein, Betsey Johnson, Donna Karan, and Philip Lim. They are pass outs of New York’s fashion Schools. It hosts at least 75 major fashion shows and has the opportunity for models from every age group and gender.

Barcelona, Spain

Over the years, Barcelona has made its impact on the global fashion world due to its street style that is so chic and effortless. The local artists, local designers, and fashion design schools play a huge role in making Barcelona a significant fashion capital. It is also gaining popularity as a destination for fashion shopping.

Vienna, Austria

Austria’s capital Vienna has a rich history and beautiful architecture. Artists spend time in this historic city to develop their creativity. Designers look forward to the Viennese Fashion Week, to feature their design along with Thomas Lerch, Valerin Angelov, and Balin Balev. During summers, designers play bright color palettes and display their collection of warm tones and fun pieces.

Florence, Italy

This Italian city is heaven for shoppers. Florence is another fashionable city where you will find exclusive shops of Roberto Cavali, Salvatore Ferragamo, Emilio Pucci, and Gucci. It is a great place to shop for leather goods either from the local markets or the upscale shops. Alongside these renowned brands, you will also find innovative boutiques and artisanal shoemakers have now taken over the city’s medieval streets.

Tokyo, Japan

This city makes a fashion statement with a personalized touch. Tokyo is the number one city for street style. People know Tokyo for its excellent choice for mixing colors, punk elements, and patterns. Fashion in Japan has a uniqueness that expresses to stay true to what you feel without holding back on other’s judgment. The number of ways to style a tutu skirt was learning from the Japanese.

The above mentioned are the ten most fashionable cities in the world where innovation and technology go hand in hand, creating the best garments. Enjoy your visits to these stylish cities with a glass of Don Julio, the finest in the world of tequila.