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Fashion worlds collide with NBA Super Star and Fashion Brand FIVE FOUR

Five Four Co-Founders, Andres Izquieta and Dee Murthy push the boundaries of culture and society with their latest campaign featuring Los Angeles Clipper and 9-time NBA Star, Chris Paul. Emerging as an eminent force in fashion, Chris fuses his personal style with the signature aesthetic of FIVE FOUR to disrupt the idea of the typical dress code. Exemplifying self-expression and tenacity this groundbreaking campaign illustrates what it means to live beyond the box and define your code.

The campaign visible throughout billboards, digital advertising and national television commercials will use fashion as a vessel to create awareness by challenging everyone to break from the norm and embrace their individuality. Through powerful language and thought-provoking imagery Chris invites you to defy the standard and make this movement a lifestyle. Drawn by his inspiring magnetism, FIVE FOUR chose Chris because of his bold ambition, Co-founder Dee says, “Chris has such a strong voice and an amazing platform and we wanted to showcase that in this campaign. We believe fashion should be about individuality and taking some risks and Chris really embodies that.”

Together Chris and FIVE FOUR advocate for the muted voices and unsung heroes with the powerful question—what is your code? Not allowing society to confine you to a stereotype or category but breaking free of the mold and always striving for originality. As the President of the National Basketball Players Association, Chris’s code reminds him to excel both on and off of the court.

The bridging of mutual respect and an organic friendship, this campaign was an effortless process, Chris says “Ever since my move to LA I have had a great relationship with Andres and Dee. They are a part of the culture and as leaders in the LA fashion market, I believed in them.” Co-founder Andres added, “We have known Chris for about five years and have always wanted to work with him because of his great style and fashion sense. Besides being one of the greatest NBA players of all time he has really emerged as a fashion icon and we felt that he was the ideal person to convey the story that we wanted to tell with this campaign.”

The message of individualism merges with fashion in this progressive campaign and challenges you to join the movement and live life by your code.


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