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Fashion Rewind: Canali F/W 2017

Canali has long been one of our favorite luxury brands and never cease to excite. The sumptuous fabrics and equally lush color story of the A/W 2017 Canali collection continues its legacy of razor-sharp tailoring, and spare-no-expense attention to detail. The depth of hues such as bordeaux and eggplant, symbiotically blend with baby alpaca, brushed cashmere, and bouclé wool knits, creating a colorful and textural arpeggio as the collection progresses through its 26 looks.

Canali 2

The nostalgic collection, with a juxtaposition of retro and modern, produced classic and timeless silhouettes. Exquisite, yet understated. Fluid, yet architecturally precise. From double-constructed overcoats to multi-blended suits, the new collection is clearly not meant to languish away in a closet of someone’s penthouse-the clothes seem to almost want to be worn.

Canali 3

Whether a style-conscious civilian or dignitary alike, the A/W 2017 collection exhibits how Canali has once again succeeded in being able to simultaneously make one feel like the other, or both. Accompanied by a short film, “Rewind”, directed by Ivan Cotroneo, the A/W 2017 Canali collection’s beauty will make one do just that!

Check out more photos below.


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