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Exotics By Cedrick Releases Snake Bottom Men Shoes

There are few designers in the fashion industry that can master both the women and men’s shoe market. Cedrick McDonald has proven that not only is it possible, but also a dream come true! His collection Exotics by Cedrick is a luxury shoe brand that is buzzing like crazy since it’s launch in 2016. Most recently, he featured his collection on February 8 at New York Fashion Week in Manhattan’s Crossing Art Chelsea Gallery. His iconic Snake Bottom sole feature is just that remarkable.

Exotics by Cedrick for Men is more than stylish, it’s creative and cool. The snakeskin sole is unique to the brand. The Bubbly is the perfect men’s loafer! The color way is black, gold, and red. The suede upper is smooth, with hand-designed liquid crystals and beads. They retail for a very luxurious price, but of course, the quality is by far exquisite. These men’s loafers are made in Italy and definitely represent sleek style. The men’s shoes from Cedrick’s collection embody his overall design aesthetic. He wants all men who wear his brand to feel dapper. Based on the critics’ positive reviews, it’s safe to say he’s achieved that goal.

We had the opportunity to interview Cedrick and others during his New York Fashion Show presentation. Check out the interviews below.

Interview with Designer Cedrick McDonald

Interview with Black Ink Crew’s Dutchess

Interview with Basketball Player and Model Anali Okoloji

Interview with Pro Basketball Player Gary Forbes

Interview with Singer Justin Bishop

Video: Eric C. Sullivan


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