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Everything You Need to Know about Cremation Rings for Men

When a loved one dies, the pain is unbearable, and you’d do anything to keep a part of them with you. Not only that you have to deal with your overwhelming feelings of grief, but there are also huge amounts of cash involved because a funeral isn’t pocket-friendly.

Thankfully, people have come up with a less costly method, which is cremation. Besides this, it is possible to turn the ashes into memorial jewelry. This method has been around for centuries, and people would wear cremation jewelry to show their love to the deceased person.

Still, the masculinity issue is sometimes that puts men off and makes them not want to honor a loved one by wearing rings or any other kind of jewelry.

However, cremation rings for men are becoming more and more popular and here are some interesting details about them.

Why Are People Considering Cremation Rings?

Let’s face it: funerals can be really expensive. Not only that you have to deal with the burial itself and the emotional distress, but just the headstone can go from $7,000 to $10,000. Although your loved one may deserve this, you don’t always have the funds, nor do you want to get into debt to be able to afford a headstone.

Cremation comes as a less expensive option. Moreover, it allows you to keep a part of the deceased with you, in the form of jewelry. With cremation rings, it’s all nice and easy because they are small objects that you can carry around at all times. Therefore, they’re a much convenient option and above all, cremation rings serve as a great memento to remember your loved one you’ve lost.

Cremation Rings for Men – Love and Masculinity

Although women are usually the ones that are fonder of jewelry, there’s no denying that there are men who would also like the idea of cremation rings.

A men’s cremation ring allows men all over the world to honor the dead while maintaining their masculinity. They will inspire love and strength in a way that is very bold, as well as masculine. Whereas women rings tend to draw a lot of attention to themselves due to the diamond or the size of the item, a man’s ring is more discreet. It has a much smaller gem that’s placed within a wide metal band. Moreover, the source of the diamond will be unknown to strangers, unless the person wants to disclose it, of course.

Types of Men’s Cremation Rings

Vintage Men’s Cremation Ring

A vintage design is always elegant and appealing. At the same time, such a ring will be larger and more noticeable. It also tends to have an older look with darker metals, which adds to the masculine look of the piece.

Traditional Men’s Cremation Ring

If you want a strong look that will impress everyone, a traditional men’s ring is what you should be looking for. It usually has a square or rectangular top, which has one or more of the small memorial diamonds. It’s a great way to show your love for the deceased person.

Modern Men’s Cremation Ring

If you are looking for a modern touch, a modern cremation ring has sharp, clean lines and small diamonds. It looks strong and masculine, while the design adds some gentleness to the item.

So, are you looking for a cremation ring for men? If you do, there are many services such as Heart In Diamond that could help you out. Cremation rings represent a great way to honor someone who’s passed away, so you shouldn’t refrain from wearing one.


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