Everything You Need Inside Your Dopp Kit

Whether you are a busy business executive, or taking a vacation, or even going away for the weekend, a Dopp kit is an essential and basic part of a man’s carry on luggage. The following are essential Dopp kit items you simply shouldn’t be without.

Selecting the Dopp bag itself can be tricky. These days there are dozens of different choices. From edgy square shaped dopps to artsy bucket shaped dopps, from dopps made from TLE fabric laminate, tarpaulin, cotton, and even suede, the choices can be both dizzying and confusing. The safest bet is to go with either the traditional leather option, like the “Just Rémy” dopp kit, or a cotton one with a waterproof finish in classic black or neutral shades of either brown or grey. It should be mildly capacious and come with multiple compartments for easy sorting.

Now you’ve picked out your Dopp bag, it’s time to pack and make sure you have the basics covered.

Oral hygiene

As one of the most important sections in your Dopp kit, oral hygiene products should be the first things you acquire for your Dopp kit. Even if you’ve visited a Dentist in Syracuse (or your local dental clinic) for a general checkup, these items in this list are still going to be necessary to keep your mouth nice and fresh! Your kit should include: A toothbrush Toothpaste Dental floss Mouthwash

You might be tempted to use the hotel brand mouthwash and toothpaste to save time and cost but unless you like using subpar products, it’s always better to bring your own, you wouldn’t schedule an appointment at a dentist on your holidays, you’d wait until you got home to book your appointment with a local dental practice like Dentist Manchester or others, for example… So why do it with your oral health products?


As one of the most sensitive and the most visible parts of our bodies, your skin care routine is not something you should put on hold even if it is for just the weekend. This section of your Dopp should include: Face cream Face wash Eye cream (to get rid of tired, jet lag eyes before your meeting or engagement) Face whips (perfect for getting rid of sweat and dust if you don’t have access to a restroom)


Again this is one of those areas you do not want to trust to hotel branded products, especially if you have an established skin care routine or sensitive skin. For this area you Dopp should contain: Body lotion Deodorant/antiperspirant Cologne


  1. Razor (this is an absolute must)

  2. Shaving cream

  3. Shampoo