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Everything Mr. Frankie Wilson is, It’s Intentional (He Walks That Way)

Mr. Frankie Wilson Jr. is a Businessman.

This man on a mission is fulfilled doing God’s work.  He is in the business of helping people and changing lives through the Gospel.  He is setting his own pathway with a Bachelors in Communications, a Masters in Divinity, an MBA and currenlty pursuing a PhD in Psychology, his devotion to his purpose is like no other. He is the CEO of VM Communications, LLC., which is a media content company for small business and non-profit organizations.  The company has produced content for several known clients like Warner Bros. Pictures, The USA Network, Tyler Perry Studios, countless FM and AM radio stations, and the Gospel Music Workshop of America.  The list doesn’t end there, he’s a busy man with a plan.

Mr. Frankie Wilson is a Radio Personality.

An award-winning radio host to be exact, of the nationally and internationally syndicated Inside Gospel.  He has racked up award after award and much deserved recognition for his on-air accomplishments.  He has sat with other accomplished and notable influencers, even obtaining an exclusive partnership for his live event at SXSW called Inside Gospel LIVE.

Mr. Frankie Wilson is a Speaker.

He travels all over the U.S. dropping gems on owning your own actions in order to create your experiences in life.  He has taken on small audiences to larger settings like universities. His recent conversations include topics like self-ownership, race relations and success.

Mr. Frankie Wilson is a Philanthropist.

He believes in the practice, give in private so God is praised in public.  His non-profit, The Giving Project has created lanes for helping people and thrives on doing so in a very unique and special way.  The mantra for the organization is “we’re blessed to be a blessing”. That’s just the kind of spirit he’s got.

Mr. Frankie Wilson is more than what you may see, he’s a musician, a student, ambassador for autism, and most of all he’s a man of courage and faith.  He walks that way. Not to mention Frankie is a proud member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity Inc. (a professional musician’s fraternity) and Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity Inc. with a bachelors and two masters.

Read more about Mr. Frankie Wilson’s journey below, and go on and be blessing to someone, you may never meet.

On Mr. Frankie Wilson:

Love, joy, and peace. That’s how I would define myself.  I’m not defined by my gender. I’m not defined by what I do. I’m defined by who I have become to this point, what I embody, what God’s put in me and who God is through me. That’s exactly who and what I would define myself as.

On the start of this path:

A majority of it was intentionally by accident if you will. The reason why is because I’ve done a lot of different things and some of them I was given a vision for a lot of the things that I’m doing today, a long time ago. Yet a majority of the things that have happened have happened by me riding a wave.  I didn’t necessarily plan on them happening the way they did. You can know where you’re going, but the fact that you don’t know how you’re going to get there is what makes a lot of time intentionally by accident and that’s kind of how it is for me. I started my whole journey into being on, almost 20 years into radio by just walking on campus at Prairie View A&M University and a guy that spoke to my class, Charles Porter, asked me if I’d be interested in trying out radio. I’d never even thought about it but I said, “sure why not?” He took me in and he started with me.  Now almost 20 years in radio, I’m working with companies from all over the world, I have an award-winning syndicated radio show, all sorts of stuff. Yet I was given a vision for what I was going to do with my show through my non-profit with my company and all of that. Before that even happened, I just had no idea what it looked like and how I was gonna get there.

On his inspiration to Autism Ambassador:

As much as I would like for it not to be the thing I proudly wear, the fact that I have someone close to me already, one of my nephews that has Asperger’s, which is a form of autism. So that was one of the reasons it was so near and dear to me.  I’d love to say, I did just because; a lot of times that’s what hits people’s hearts the strongest, that makes them really want to go out and be an ambassador.  So that was one of the main reasons why it was because I represent my nephew. I represent him and everyone else that’s like him. People that have a problem understanding him and nothing’s wrong at all, a lot of times we think different is wrong and nothing’s wrong, just different. He’s amazing. He is incredible and so are a lot of other people with autism. So one day I was surfing on LinkedIn and I ran across this group called Hope4Xavier and they were having a gala to try to raise money and awareness for their organization. They are all the way in Atlanta. I’m here in Dallas, Texas. We hadn’t met each other or anything like that, but I wanted to be able to do something that would make a difference in other people’s lives, especially when it came to standing up and representing my nephew.  So I told them I was going to fly myself out and as long as they could help me with finding a place to stay while I was down there. I went up there to be a part of the organization, host their events, and to help bring attention to their events. They asked me to be an ambassador for their organization. So it’s been about two years going into three now. They surprised me and made trips down here to Texas. I hope that I can do the same thing for them. It’s an amazing relationship, but overall it’s important for us to help people to understand people with autism. By the way, they have all forms of autism that are represented and Hope4Xavier is a group of parents that all share children with autism from those that don’t speak at all to those that do. We just want to be able to help people to understand more about autism because the more you know, the easier it is to interact, to accept, and to embrace. That’s a love for me.

On his humble beginnings growing up:

My roots are in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Both my mother and father’s side, everybody, all of us are from New Orleans, Louisiana. However, before I was born my parents moved to Dallas, Texas.  I was born and raised in Oak Cliff, Texas, which I represent for the rest of my life, till the day I die. I’m a native here of Oak Cliff. I am Oak Cliff Texan if you will by way of Dallas.

On his radio show and podcast:

So what’s funny is that the name of my show is Inside Gospel and it started as a podcast. That’s what’s crazy is Inside Gospel started as just me playing around with some software, trying to put together music the way I felt or show the way I felt like it should be, or it should sound. My issue that I tell people all the time is that I got tired of going into a CD store, one side saying Gospel and it looked one way and then another side saying Christian and it looked a totally different way. I didn’t understand the issue, the reason or the need for color lines or any other lines for that matter in Gospel and Christian music. So Inside Gospel brings all of that together. We have everything from CCM to traditional Gospel, Contemporary Gospel, Christian hip-hop, and even Christian slam poetry.

We have Christian news, interviews with people from all over, not just Christians, but people that are believers but operate in different industries. Of course, I have my moments on there as well, but it all started as a podcast and my Alma mater again, the radio station I started at, was the first one that was willing to play it on the air. From there it was picked up by another colleague of mine. The second was rejoice, which was apart of Rejoice Musical Soul Food, Rejoice AM 1110 with Cedric Bailey. From there, I just kind of saw a trend and I’ve been a hustler and business-minded since I was a child. So I started and I think I’m either the only or definitely one of the very few ever in the state of Texas to be an award-winning self-syndicated Gospel Radio show host. So, to this day, I’m self syndicated. So, I went from having this little podcast that kept me up til 4:00 in the morning every day because I didn’t know what I was doing to now producing for about 22 markets in the US, three in Canada, two in South Africa, and we’re still trying to grow every day.

On his biggest intention doing this faith work:

Just to help people but even in that or even more than that is to help people to own who they are, to own their own expectations for themselves as opposed to owning someone else’s. The reason why, I tell people all the time, it took me 33 years to stop living based on someone else’s expectations for my life; because of that, I was taught to do it from the people that we love the most in our lives. Telling us that you look good in this, you don’t look good in that. So, I based what I felt I looked good in off of what they told me.  I developed a behavior as many people do off of that type of thing. What happens is we end up growing up following in that trend. We live in masks. We live in the facade of who we think we are, but it’s who we’ve been told to be or who we follow after, other people telling us who we should be. My intent is to help people break free from that mindset, to understand who they are, to own their actions and their ability to create not just who they are, but create their outcome on earth. God has given us the ability to do these things through him. That is my number one intent because once I finally got that breakthrough, my life has been beyond amazing and I want it for everybody else.

On what community work means to him:

The Giving Project is something that started and is still a subsidiary of Whispering Echoes 501 c 3, which is an organization that some of my best friends and I started. When they were ready to dissolve Whispering Echoes, I wanted to continue what we were doing. So that’s where The Giving Project came from, and the main idea behind it is to create projects or opportunities for people to bless someone that they may never know. So we give in private so that God is praised in public. So a lot of people don’t hear about The Giving Project or see it publicized because we do what we do in private. We don’t want the glory to come to the person. A lot of times people can get wrapped up, especially now in today’s culture and want to be seen doing something good and they missed the true opportunity to feel and benefit from the good that they’re doing as well as for the other person.  So we take that away. We take all the glory part out of it and we create these opportunities.

On what motivates him to motivate others:

I’m more into transformation. I consider myself a transformative or transformational speaker. That is the difference between how I’m able to stay motivated versus having to get motivated. Once you change your mindset on things and once you change the way you label and identify with things, you lose the need for having to get revved up. You’re always there. For example, I used to say this thing scares me. Now, I say this thing excites me.  When we identify anything in this world we identify it, we give it a name; which gives it a certain identity and thus an expectation for how it’s going to perform for us. So, if I say this thing excites me, then my mind goes into a place where I expect excitement. Therefore, I look for excitement only and you’re guaranteed to find anything that you look for hard enough. So I transformed my thinking into where I see the things that keep me in a certain state. That’s what I do. That’s what I try to teach other people to do as well.

Get connected:

I’m everywhere at Mr Frankie Wilson,  from my handle on every social media network to the website.

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