Essential Tools For The Home Bar

You’ve watched a hundred different cocktail tutorials online during the confinement.  The recipes are ready go to, and that very selective list of close friends to invite is finally finished.  Now, before you set the date for the next party at home, you need the tools to pull off the libations for the night.

Whether you want to be the professional mixologist or to just make someone smile throughout the night, here’s a quick breakdown of the tools you need for your home bar.


First things first, you need a quality set of shakers to do the job right.  Because there are three main types of cocktail shakers, each with its own unique design and function, you have the choice to decide which fits your style and needs.

The Boston shaker is an American classic and the go-to for professional bartenders.  Its volume allows you to make several cocktails at one time, but be careful to have a tight seal between the two parts before you start shaking.  The Cobbler shaker is a great choice for anyone new to the mixology game.  Its 3 pieces-- the body, a built-in strainer and a lid to cover while shaking, gives a certain ease of use.  It’s typically used to make single drinks.  The Parisian shaker is the French design, in 2-pieces, it’s a mix between the Boston and the Cobbler.

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