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Engagement Rings brought to you by James Allen

If you’re looking for a one-stop dream shop for buying an engagement ring, look no further. Quintessential Gentleman was invited to do an interview with the Mecca of all Jewelers. We spoke with COO and Co-Founder Dean Lederman for an exclusive preview of the company’s Valentine’s Day study, which found that men are more likely to drop hints about wanting to get married than women.

After congratulating James Allen on their 10th anniversary, we started the interview by asking Dean why he thought was the best and he humbly stated, “I won’t say that we are ‘the best’, but I will say that James Allen does a lot of things right.” Dean couldn’t have been more right about that. James Allen’s team dissects the minds of men and women, mainly millennials, around the globe to make the best ring shopping experience. It seems like Dean and his team were reading the minds of everyone who is either getting engaged or wants to get engaged when they devised their customer shopping strategy. They can understand so many different opinions on ring shopping because they surveyed 1,000 married adults about their Valentine’s Day plans and marriage proposals to get a better understanding of men’s and women’s feelings during the engagement process.

The study revealed that Valentine’s Day is the most popular holiday to get engaged. 42% of millennials claimed Valentine’s Day as their top day to propose or be proposed to! Surprisingly, the study also found that couples were more stressed about choosing the perfect ring than about the proposal itself and that – although 85% of women believe they never pressured their partner to get married – 57% of men report feeling pushed into marriage. At least with a great ring, if they do separate because they feel pressured, they can get money for it. Diamonds can resell well as long as they are looked after.

Dean mentioned that the team does this type of research because they have a significant focus on customer service. In our opinion, James Allen has perfected the customer experience down to a science. One of the many reasons James Allen is impressive is due to the fact that an individual can shop from the comfort of their home via the Internet. Although there are some old school thinkers whose first impulse is still to go to a physical store, it’s 2017, and the culture is changing rapidly (but there is a brick-and-mortar James Allen showroom in NYC for those who are hesitant!). Engagement rings are now on the list of things you can purchase online. The benefit of shopping online with is that an individual is not limited to a minimal selection. James Allen’s online store has over 130,000 certified, conflict-free diamonds to choose from. And a customer is not only able to get a 360-degree visual of how the diamond looks with the site’s Diamond Display Technology, but they also get the option to ask questions to a diamond specialist in real-time. One point that we found comforting was when Dean explained that his sales representatives are not commission-based, so the customer doesn’t feel pressured into buying a ring or buying the biggest circle. You hear that fellas, NO PRESSURE!

In regards to the quality of the diamond, you can rest easy knowing that each diamond has been certified by one of the three top diamond laboratories: GIA, IGS, or AGS. Customers also have the option to shape, size, and customize diamonds and settings; however, their heart desires. James Allen also allows customers to send back rings for free resizing if it is ever needed. To top it all off, the diamond rings that come from James Allen are sold to you for 30%-50% lower than what you would find shopping in-store at a traditional diamond retailer.

If you are looking to get engaged and are in the market for a ring, we would highly suggest visiting today. Enjoy a unique experience while shopping for that special someone!

Check out some of their selection below!


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