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Dwyane Wade and Chance The Rapper Co-Producing New Basketball Documentary “Shot In The Dark&#8

After letting the cat out of the bag about Chance the Rapper and Dwayne Wade co-producing a new basketball documentary, Shot In The Dark, we can now watch a trailer for it. The documentary centers around Chicago powerhouse Orr basketball academy, giving viewers an inside look into the grueling, intense training routine implemented to the young team by their coach Lou Adams. The method to his madness is keeping his team of young men focused on their team and basketball, not the violence that has plagued their city for years.

The trailer for the documentary, directed by Dustin Nakao Haider, also shows a quick glimpse into coach Adams and one of the team’s best players, Tyquone Greer. In the trailer, tragedy strikes as Greer gets shot in the leg not too long after hitting a three-pointer to win a game, detailing the successes and tragedies each of these young players face day to day in their communities, plagued by violence.

When speaking about his team, Coach Adams said, “40 boys on my team don’t have fathers. 40 guys that depend on me every day.” In the trailer, Greer also explains that he knows his only way out is attending college. The documentary will air on FOX as part of their “Magnify” docu-series, taking an in-depth look into athletes’ lives on and off the field.

View the trailer below.


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