Durant Chooses the Warriors

Kevin Durant will no longer be a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

According to The Players’ Tribune—in an article dubbed My Next Chapter—Durant said “With this in mind, I have decided to join the Golden State Warriors.”


Durant will leave the force known as Russell Westbrook, a player who averaged  a career 21.5 points, 7.6 assists and 5.6 rebounds, a triple-double machine.

However, it’s not that he is leaving a team that cultivated his development, a team that went to the NBA Finals in 2012, and most recently, a team that took the Golden State Warriors to game 7 of the Western Conference Finals, he’s now joining a team that just won the championship in 2015.

Durant will join a team that has the 2-time MVP in Stephen Curry, and arguably the best two-way player in the game in Klay Thompson. And, of course, he will join the heart and soul of the team in Draymond Green, a top 15 player in this game. Let’s not forget the incredibly deep bench with the likes of Shaun Livingston, Marreese Speights and Leandro Barbosa, pending off-season moves.

On paper, this team is a force now, but it will be interesting to see if this team can gel. Obviously, either Curry or Thompson will have to be a role player, and that will certainly not be Curry, rather, likely, it will be the latter.

Still, this is far from LeBron going to Miami in the summer of 2010. LeBron joined a team with potential, including a player, Dwyane Wade, who won a championship with Shaquille O’Neal in 2006, and Bosh who has never won anything prior to his career with the Heat. Together, they never won anything; that was a team of potential, clearly. LeBron was the reason Miami won those championships in 2012 and 2013. Will KD be the reason the Warriors win?

LeBron’s Miami Heat was an unknown. This team Kevin Durant is joining is a known, mainly because the Warriors won a championship two years ago and the team just broke the 1995-1996 all-time regular season record by going 73-9, an amazing regular season, by far.

Now, let’s see if Durant, a relatively injury plagued player over the last few years, receives as much backlash as LeBron did in 2010, up till now, which means getting booed every time he steps on the court.

Durant averages a career 27.4 points, 7 rebounds and 3.7 assists, and was widely considered the second best player in the game.

Despite Durant’s career accomplishments, this is what Stephen A. Smith said: