Dupré “DoItAll” Kelly Talks Business and Politics in Hip-Hop

The Quintessential Gentleman Magazine speaks with a hip-hop icon who is using his life experiences to create change. Dupre Kelly, known as “Do It All”, is one-third of the legendary rap group Lords of The Underground. They are known for their hits Chief Rocka and Tic Toc and admired by the likes of Redman, Pete Rocks, and Nas just to name a few. Kelly, a current resident of Newark, New Jersey is ready to lead by example and show the world that hip-hop is political and has been fighting against injustices for years. Check out our interview with Dupre “Do It All” Kelly, a front-runner for 2018’s Newark New Jersey Councilman at Large.

Dupre Kelly, we are aware of the presence that your group the Lords of the Underground brought to the Hip-Hop community. How did your upbringing contribute to the rise of the golden age of hip-hop?

I believe the way you learn something is the way that you teach it and bring it forth to your values and beliefs. The strength that my mother showed me as a single parent in an impoverished community