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DuPont Mayor Halts Potential Seattle Seahawk Player Demonstration

DuPont mayor has canceled the Seattle Seahawks rally over a potential player demonstration at CenturyLink Field.

Mike Courts, the city’s mayor, according to The Seattle Times, essentially said in a statement that having a rally to protest the Star-Spangled Banner is wrong. The following is the official statement:

“Freedom of speech is a tenet of our community, and not honoring our flag is our right,” Courts said. “But free speech is not without cost: words and actions mean things and are often times interpreted in a way not intended.”

Courts then went on to say it would be “inappropriate to commit city resources to an activity that may be misunderstood or prove offensive to a large number of our residents.”

DuPont, located in Pierce County, is home of several military families, and many folks from these families said it is downright disrespectful for players to fail to honor the national anthem.

The Seahawks rally comes on the heels of many professional athletes, including Colin Kaepernick, taking a stand for police brutality and the oppression of various organizations throughout the nation, kneeling or sitting down while the rest of the athletes and fans in the stands honor the national anthem.

Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane sat amid the anthem just before last week’s final preseason game. Lane said he was showing solidarity with Kaepernick.

The Seahawks kick things off against the Miami Dolphins 1 p.m. Sunday in Seattle.


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