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Dru Hill Releases “Christmas in Baltimore” EP

We are 17 days away from Christmas and if you surf the radio you are bound to hear Christmas music. I particularly love Christmas music and love it when its sung by R&B singers. On Christmas Day, I always turn up the Best Man Holiday soundtrack! So I was super excited when I heard that Sisqo, Nokio, Jazz and Tao, more popularly known as Dru Hill, has put out a Christmas EP titled Christmas in Baltimore. 

This 8-track project will be Dru Hill’s 5th studio album and their first album with Empire Distribution. Produced by Grammy award-winning writer/producer Troy Taylor, we get classic songs like Silent Night and a little explicit version of Tis the Season. “We’ve always wanted to do a Christmas album, and we knew our fans have been waiting,” says the group, “This year, it just all came together and we decided to invite everybody in for that authentic Baltimore holiday experience…you won’t find another Christmas album like this, we guarantee it.”

Christmas in Baltimore is available now!

What’s your favorite Christmas album?


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