Dream Into Motion NYC Fuels Entrepreneurs

This past Saturday, Dream Into Motion NYC met in Brooklyn to begin dreaming in color and was a motivational “call-to-action” event that was catered to dreamers and doers. This conference, which had more than a hundred entrepreneurs in attendance, was a cheerleading and “keep it real” forum for everyone trying to start and maintain their own business. The curated discussion was based on brand building, financial empowerment, resource education and action-based motivation.

Det – Founder, DayDreamrs, Artist & Brand Strategist

The conference was lead by 4 panelists who were all experts in their own industry. The first person to present was Det who is an artist and brand strategist. After performing he provided the room with gems to live by like “Don’t Quit your Day Dream” and “Realistic People Don’t Change the World”. Det implored the crowd to stop thinking that we were created to work for someone else. He also gave 4 steps to building a brand; (1) identify your passion, (2) identify your brand, (3) identify your target audience, and (4) sell them stuff.