Draymond Green Urges Everybody On Warriors To Have Motivation

Despite the Golden State Warriors losing one of the top three players in the game just a few days ago, they are not lacking a sense of motivation.

In fact, their anchor, and team leader, Draymond Green, said to ESPN that there should still be inspiration.

“What is this, game 61,” Green asked. “If you’re still looking for inspiration now, you’re fu**ed.”

Kevin Durant will be evaluated in a month after a freak accident happened in which Zaza Pachulia inadvertently ran into Durant’s leg, resulting in a hyper-extended leg and a bone bruise.

Though the Warriors lost Durant, they still have three all-stars, including Green, Klay Thompson and, of course, Steph Curry with the shot boy.

Yes, the Warriors don’t have Harrison Barnes, who was traded in the offseason to the Dallas Mavericks, but that just means Andre Iguodala will need to step up. Iggy, of course, was a part of the 73-9 team just last season, the greatest regular season team of all-time.

Durant is gone for a little bit, but they are still a very tough team.

The Bay-area team lost to the Washington Wizards a few days ago, now, they travel to the Windy City to take on the Chicago Bulls—a team trending backwards, however.

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