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Drake Executive Produces '48 Laws of Power' On Quibi

Drake will executive produce a new series on Quibi which is based on Robert Greene's New York Time's bestselling novel 48 Laws of Power. Along with his role as executive producer Drake will also be directing an episode. Adul "Future" Nur (HBO's Euphoria), Dreamcrew's Jason Shrier, and Robert Greene are also on board as executive producers. The project is being developed through Anonymous Content.

The book contains allegories and life lessons based on the experiences of historical figures. The series will explore the definition of power and how it can be implemented. Each episode will focus on a unique law of power.

When Greene was approached by Drake, Future, and Anonymous Content, he believed they could bring his creative vision to life and honor its artistic integrity. Presently Quibi has not revealed an official release date for the series.



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