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Dr. Ron’s 5 Tips for Men and Their Feet

As a gentleman your hair is always cut, your nails are always trimmed and your body looks great because you are always in the gym. But what about your feet? For some reason, men are always neglecting the two parts of their bodies that allow them to move the way they move. The Quintessential Gentlemen spoke to Dr. Rondrick Williamson a.k.a Dr. Ron. He gave us 5 tips to help gentlemen keep their feet looking as good as the cars they drive.

His background with diabetes has given him all of the knowledge he has surrounding feet and foot health. He has first-hand experience dealing with feet and has seen many extraordinary cases. Someone with diabetes has a higher chance of having problems with their feet, hence why Williamson is keen to spread the word on how to look after your feet properly. If you have diabetes and are experiencing poor foot health, it might be worth investing in some diabetic socks. You can find them in online stores like Wholesale Diabetic Socks ( or perhaps a doctor could prescribe them to you. Either way, you should manage and monitor your foot health when you’re a diabetic as even the smallest change to your condition can have an impact on your feet.

  1. Ensure proper fit when selecting a shoe. Measure your feet before purchasing. Tight shoes can result in hammertoes.

  2. Wear flip flops in communal areas such as gym showers and public restrooms. This will reduce the risk of fungal infection.

  3. Clean between your toes. Oftentimes this area is forgotten.

  4. Trim toenails regularly straight across to prevent ingrown nails.

  5. Use a daily skin moisturizer. Properly hydrated skin is healthy skin.

Dr. Ron

Dr. Ron is a Physician, Entrepreneur, Talk Show Host, and mentor. Named as one of the ‘Most Beautiful Doctors in America’ in 2013, Dr. Rondrick Williamson built his entire career on hard work and dedication to excellence. From humble beginnings, he has managed to create quite a presence in the world today. Born in Mullins, SC, his mother struggled to make ends meet while raising three boys and at times had to go without, but modest beginnings didn’t get in the way of his goal of having a successful career as a physician. His mother struggled alone to provide for her three boys. He lived in public housing. “We had things we needed,” Williamson said, “but, unfortunately, a lot of the ‘wants’ we weren’t able to have.

Williamson completed undergraduate studies at Clemson University earning a BS degree in Biological Science. He then traveled to Cleveland, Ohio where he attended the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine ultimately receiving a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree. After completing OCPM, he was selected to attend the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in San Antonio where he completed his residency training. He is currently board certified in Diabetic Wound Care and Management and is also a fellow of the American Professional Wound Care Association.

Make sure you tune in to his Instagram @TheDrRon on Monday’s & Wednesday’s for his 60 Second Health Tips!


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