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Dr. John Paul Tutela, MD Talks Plastic Surgery For Men and Why you Should Do It

At one time plastic surgery was taboo and it was even more taboo for men to get plastic surgery. We are almost in 2018 and men are becoming more and more interested in plastic surgery. Men all over the country (and world) are having non-invasive procedures done to improve themselves and feel better about themselves. We were able to speak with Plastic Surgeon, Dr. John Paul Tutela, MD who set the record straight on the benefits of plastic surgery, which surgeries men tend to get and his Road to Wellness program.

What motivated you to become a plastic surgeon?

I wanted to be a plastic surgeon before I even knew what it was. Like many boys at the age of five, I wanted to be just like my father. As a busy community plastic surgeon, my father showed me the value of hard work, the importance of family and the benefit of loving your career. As the third generation of doctors in my family, we were always encouraged to seek out what we enjoyed most. The field of plastic surgery has always impressed me. Reconstructive surgery allows the surgeon to redefine anatomy and physically alter the landscape of the human body using flap rotations and free tissue transfer while keeping aesthetic ideals in mind. The surgeon is not confined to a set procedure. With a profound knowledge of the human body and the healing process, a plastic surgeon is able to create a unique solution to a specific problem. I have found that plastic surgery has the perfect balance of excitement, creativity, and precision.

What has changed about the industry from when your dad was working? There has been an increased focus on nonsurgical aesthetic procedures such as injectables like Botox and fillers. More people are looking for less downtime and a quick fix. What has also been truly revolutionary in terms of patient education and getting a detailed view into the work of plastic surgery has been social media. Instagram specifically is a great way for people to get an intimate view into other patient experiences and the daily stories show a transparent example of the day to day in a plastic surgery practice. On my Instagram page, @tutelaps people can see a portfolio of my work, they get to see the people I work with and get a sense of my patients’ experience.

What are the most common procedures do men come to you for?

Most men come to see me for facial injectables. BROTOX is what I call botox used for men in my practice. They are also coming in for gynecomastia surgery, which is making a more masculine shape to their chest in patients that have a female appearance to their chest. And of course, getting something like this tummy tuck Orange County is a very common procedure.

Why do you think it’s important for people to get plastic surgery if they want to?

Plastic Surgery is about feeling good. It is happy surgery. I always tell my patients that the only person’s opinion that matters is their own. Its a boost to their self-esteem to address an issue regarding their looks. The taboo of Plastic surgery has really gone away. If they want to improve in a certain area then they should. I compare it to getting your hair done or getting a new outfit. It feels good to look better and looking better only matters if that’s what you think looks better on you. It’s nice to treat yourself to something special. It is important however that you find a surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery to get the best plan and treatment.

What are some myths about plastic surgery? I think some people think that everyone will know that they had it done. I really focus on natural results. I always say that you shouldn’t be able to see good plastic surgery, but you can see bad plastic surgery from across the room.

Can you explain your Road to Wellness program?

A lot of plastic surgery is helping people feel good about themselves. Looking your best is not only about addressing issues from the outside in. A healthy body and lifestyle, a clear mind and good positive energy is vital to looking and feeling your best. Think about it, when you are sad or depressed or just not feeling well, when you look in the mirror your face appears more sunken in, the corners of your mouth turn down and even your skin seems dull and matted. However on days that you feel great, the expression on your face becomes more inviting, you can see a twinkle in your eyes and your overall demeanor becomes warm and approachable. I want my patients to be able to have access to experts that can help bring an overall aspect of wellness into their lives. I have developed a Road To Wellness as a means to help feel good in variety of different aspects of life including nutrition, exercise, mental health and well being. A team of practitioners each experts in their field have made themselves available to my patients, which provide them a wonderful resource to those who are trying to stay healthy, to feel good and to look great.

Men are interested in nice pecs and washboard abs. Are there any procedures to help men look more fit? Absolutely. Liposuction and tummy tuck help sculpt the body to achieve better contours. This can be very transformative. You can even get liposuction for male breast reduction so if that’s something you’re self conscious about, contact a reputable surgeon and get booked in for a consultation!

What advice do you give to men who are thinking about plastic surgery?

I would say do your research. Check out Surgeons reviews on sites like realself. You can also see their before and after results there, on their website and on their Instagram page. Also make sure that they are certified by the american board of plastic surgery. Then make an appointment to see them in person. I think it is very important to see if they are the right fit for you. If something doesn’t feel right, listen to your gut. You can always get another opinion.

What can we look forward to from Dr. John Paul Tutela?

You can expect an honest approach and evaluation. I can help narrow down options that can help you achieve your goals and come up with a custom plan that is unique to your individual goals. You can also expect to continue to see me active on social media, with instagram posts and stories giving viewers a transparent look into what it is like to be part of my practice. I am also very active on realself which is a social media platform dedicated to plastic surgery. Many people post about their experience and ask questions to doctors. I am always answering questions on that site and to people who reach out via email or direct message. I feel like one of the most important things I can do is to empower patients with education. The more they know the more confident they will be their decisions.

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