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Dovingall Music Prepares to Take the Music World by Storm

Dovingall Music’s Alonzo Dover and Michael Mindingall are poised to take the music world by storm as the industry’s next great dynamic duo. Accomplished songwriters, producers and musicians, like the award-winning artists they’ve produced, their new company, Dovingall Music, is dedicated to excellence in artistry and performance. We had the opportunity to speak with Alonzo and Michael about how they formed the company, their background and what we can look forward to.

What is Dovingall Music?

Alonzo: Dedicated to excellence in artistry and performance, Dovingall Music is a full-service music production company that specializes in original music composition and artist development. Supporting both emerging and established artists, our focus will be on artist development, production and other entertainment verticals, including film scores, commercial jingles, and engaging with marketers and corporations who want to sharpen their stories, create impactful synergies and bring urgency to their brand. We provide the best equipment, some of which can be found at, so that the artists can create the best music possible.

How did Alonzo Dover and Michael Mindingall come together to form Dovingall?

Michael: Through our common bond of music, Alonzo and I have known each other for more than 20 years. Both veterans in the entertainment business, it was during a period when I rehearsed at The Upper Room Entertainment Complex in Detroit, a popular venue owned by Alonzo and his wife Pamela, we renewed a discussion on our mutual love for music and the need to reignite that love not just in Detroit but across the country, while creating an outlet and platform for new artists to showcase their talents through the production, recording and performance of timeless music.

Dover and Mindingall, can you tell us about your background? 

Alonzo: With a pedigree that includes a GRAMMY award and collaborations with icons from Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross to BET Network and Robert Townsend, and in the tradition of hitmaking music teams like Holland & Dozier, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, and Babyface & L.A. Reid, Michael and I are poised to take the music world by storm as the industry’s next great dynamic duo. Accomplished songwriters, producers and musicians, we have been blessed to have collaborated with a virtual who’s who of award-winning music icons.

Michael: I’ve been in the music business professionally for over 30 years as a producer, musician, and writer. My collaboration with the “Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin for a Luther Vandross tribute earned me a Grammy award for her recording of “A House is Not a Home.” As well I’ve worked with Motown legend Diana Ross, R&B star Tyrese, gospel superstar Yolanda Adams, and a host of other top artists including Jenifer Holiday, The Dramatics, Four Tops, Keith Washington, and Holland & Holland to name a few. My credits also include working on Whitney Houston’s last movie “Sparkle” where I was honored to serve as piano coach for the film’s star, Jordan Sparks.

Alonzo: I started my music journey in high school as a drum major and pursued artist development as a teenager creating several bands, groups and choirs throughout the city. Unlike many of my peers, I was a musician that also had a solid business acumen founding Quikstall, a telecommunications company, where I negotiated contracts to provide cable/satellite installation for major industry communications corporations including Media One, Comcast, Hughes International and DIRECTV. As mentioned, along with my wife, we started “The Upper Room” in Detroit. One of the Detroit’s most popular entertainment venues, The Upper Room was a host site for thousands of special events, showcases and more featuring national artists such as Jennifer Holiday, Fred Hammond, Bobby Lyles, Tim Bowman, Vickie Winans and many more. In addition to hosting numerous talent competitions including on the Gospel Music Channel, I also worked with Robert Townsend to produce a comedy series ‘Partners in Crime’ that aired nationally on the Black Family cable channel.

Elijah J
LRenee 3

Tell us about the VIP launch event you recently held in Detroit?

Michael: We recently hosted our company launch with a VIP celebration at Motor City Casino’s Club Amnesia in Detroit. The evening featured a breakout performance and CD release of background vocalist and protégé for Motown superstar KEM, L’Renee who performed songs from her new solo project, “I’m Done.” Label artist and Detroit native Elijah J, who began his career as Young Simba in Disney’s Broadway production of “The Lion King,” also performed songs from his upcoming debut project. Detroit’s undisputed style guru and media personality Chuck Bennett served as host.

Alonzo: The night also featured a fur fashion show curated by Bricker Furs and a post-event meet & greet VIP party. Additionally, the event was live streamed for viewing to both domestic and international audiences. In addition to the featured performers, several notable guests were in attendance including U.S. Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence, local NBC anchor Evrod Cassimy, The Right Productions CEO Shahida Mauisi, Pulsebeat TV host Greg Dunmore, vocalist Gwen Fox and Earline Franklin.

Evrod and wife with LRenee

What can we look forward to from Dovingall Music?

Alonzo: Michael and I are beyond thrilled to officially launch Dovingall Music. Central to our collaboration vision, we recognized early on a void both in Detroit and throughout the industry for music and artists that touched you at an emotional level.

Michael: That void is real. Through our new company, we are committed to bringing back timeless music, while celebrating the rich heritage and history that is the Detroit sound. In addition to debuting new music, artists and collaborative partners, stay tuned to both the small and big screens as that next commercial jingle or movie soundtrack may be credited to Dovingall Music.

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