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Does the Ring Size Matter?

This is such a controversial topic. I’m almost afraid to share my two cents! Opinions seem to split towards either extreme when it comes to this question. Some say the ring size equals the size of the love, others say the ring doesn’t matter at all. My guess is that if you’re reading this you might be pretty curious yourself and sort of on the fence. I was too for a while. As a wedding planner, I’ve seen it all and have come to my own conclusion.

Russell Wilson Proposing to Ciara

Russell Wilson Proposing to Ciara

First of all, I believe an engagement ring should be considered an investment. One that pays in dividends of acknowledgement, admiration, and love. It’s an act of acknowledgement because with that ring you are affirming your mutual commitment towards your future together and admiration because the beauty of the ring signifies the beauty of your relationship to you and everyone who looks at it. This is why carefully considering the ring design, regardless of whether it styles a stunning, huge diamond or it is similar to one of the Solitaire Jewellery antique design engagement rings, you need to think hard about which ring would signify your love the most.

That’s where the size comes into question. Does the size mean that you don’t plan to commit just as much or more than the guy who put the huge rock on his S.O. (significant other)? My answer is NO. When shopping for a ring you should obviously keep in mind your S.O.’s taste and preferences but that shouldn’t mean that you have to break the bank! I’m sorry to those that I upset with this but I would much rather a ring my man can afford so we can move forward with the wedding planning than having to halt everything to come up with the money he dropped on the ring before we can think of setting a date. Don’t forget that some couples like the man to have a classy looking ring as well. So you’re not just buying one ring but two!

My only caveat to this is – if you can afford a huge rock—then by all means—you should get it. Otherwise you will look cheap, everyone will criticize you and then I will side with the “size matters crew”!

My point is that the ring should be a combination of beauty and size relative to the pockets of the one purchasing it, not the other way around. I do believe you should save up for the perfect ring and that budget should only be set by you. Whether you save up for months or you can drop the money in a heartbeat, you should keep in mind the significance of the ring and the personality of your S.O. after all – they may completely disagree with me!

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