DJ Jash Jay Speaks on the Music Industry, Corporate Events and More

From working with big corporate brands to independent artists, Jash Jay isn’t your typical DJ. Learn how he got into the music industry, advice on becoming a DJ, and what we can look forward to.

How did you get started in the music industry?

During my college undergrad years (Louisiana State University) I was heavily involved in college radio and television. I moved to Atlanta in 2010 to complete my undergraduate degree at Georgia State University (B.A. in Journalism & Speech Communication) and landed a couple of cool internships and other media-related opportunities. After graduating, I worked a sales job that I hated. I ended up quitting…only to land another sales position. I was making decent money but I knew these jobs weren’t for me. I DJ’d part-time on weekends and would go into work on Monday completely exhausted. I knew I had to give up something and it for sure wasn’t going to be DJing. After being laid off twice (three corporate jobs in), I vowed to never step foot in an office again unless I was meeting someone about a dope gig to spin. I stepped out on faith.

Do you miss working in radio?

I love radio. I hosted a late night bi-weekly electronic radio show on Tuesday and Thursday nights. I was literally the only student in the studio until about 1:30 am. It was cool because I would have regular listeners who would call in during music breaks to keep me entertained throughout the night. I even had some listeners send over mix CDs from time to time just to share some new music with me. This was a few years before SoundCloud and other audio sharing/streaming platforms were popular. I ended up being promoted to Traffic Director and Electronic Music Programming Director. When I moved to Atlanta, I interned for a couple of stations. Hosted a radio show for Seacrest Studios (Ryan Seacrest Foundation) and interned for Ryan Cameron and Elle Duncan at V-103 for two semesters while wrapping up school at GSU. I was offered a position with V-103 following my internship, but turned it down. It seemed right at the time, which I still believe it was. More recently, I’ve wondered where I’d be had I taken it. I’ve been reconsidering it.

How did you start DJing Corporate Events?

Most of my corporate gigs resulted from people either hearing me play and approaching me during my set or referrals. I don’t have any representation (manager/agent), by the way, so all of these occurrences are beyond blessings. Corporate gigs are just a very small part of what I do. I spin lots of different events ranging from premier clubs, sponsored/curated/private events, corporate gigs, shows, you name it. More recently, I’ve been able to tap into the festival realm which has always been a dream of mine.