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DJ Hear No Evil Doesn’t Let Obstacles Define Him

If you think about a person who deejay’s, you would think that person would have to hear the music clearly in order to do their job effectively. I’m talking about a real DJ, not someone who puts on a playlist and hits play. The song, the beats, the transitions, all of these have to flow in such a way that the partygoer can’t stop rocking to the sounds coming out of the speaker. Well, DJ Hear No Evil can do all of this without hearing 100 percent. Learn how he is able to do this below.

Were you born deaf or did you become deaf at a certain age?

I was born hearing but I lost my hearing at the age of three. I was exposed to loud music as a young child and was also sick. I called myself hard of hearing where I can speak and hear at some point but I can also feel, and play music like the rest of them…like the BEST of them. At a very young age, I had to learn how to acclimate to the hearing world and I’m still learning today.

Can you explain your unique talent given your disability?

There are literally thousands upon thousands of DJs who share the same dream as me. However, it’s rare to see a young black deaf DJ like me who can actually spin on Technics 1200 who essentially is unable to hear in one ear and able to hear in the other but not 100%. That shows people that there is no excuse if you have one arm or blind, you have the ability to do anything. It’s always good to stay humble and let my hands speak for themselves where I can tell my story. I have to break the barriers with the right mindset.

How has being deaf influenced your deejaying?

Being a deaf DJ makes me more humble and enthusiastic to strive to be one of the greatest as I learn more about deejaying and the music game. I can improve my skills and create my own niche that would pull more attention. In addition, it helps me to be a better person, where I can impact other DJs to do better at their craft.

How has music inspired you?

As a youngster, I went downstairs to the dining room where my father, Antonio Leo Abraham aka DJ LA, left his turntable Technic 1200, on the table. It was already hooked up. I think he went out to DJ an event and my mom was upstairs watching TV. I played the music and tried to scratch but it sounded horrible. That’s when my mom came downstairs to turn it off without hesitation. I tried to give her a reputable reason why I did this but she wasn’t hearing it. I started to pay attention more to the Hip-Hop culture when I touched on those wheels (Turntables) at the age of 13. My pops taught me to understand the importance of becoming a Disc Jockey and being one of the greatest. Every time I go to parties he deejayed, I would watch him…watch how he rocked the party. That’s how I learned from him. I also watched videos of different deejays with different styles. I go to different parties. I go out and network. That’s how I learn and then I go back home and make it into my style. My pops and my best friend, Christopher Alexander Rucker-Ridley who was a Mount Vernon police officer, inspired me to become a DJ. Chris and I became interested in music because of our fathers who were also best friends. RIP to my pops and Chris but I am left to achieve this dream for all of us. Music is my life and currently my wife, so you can sense my determination. I am fully aware of my impediment yet I am determined to succeed in becoming one of the greatest.

Do you look up to any other DJs?

I could name 10 just off the top of my head but DJ Scratch, Cash Money, Rob Swift, Roc Raida (RIP), Kid Capri & Jazzy Jeff are the DJs that I look up to because of the knowledge and skills of pre serato, the technique with their hands on the set. What made them accomplish that was many long hours of practicing, exposing them to all types of music, and being adaptable so they can stay in the game for a long time. They actually paved the way for us real DJs and they do more than just rock on the set. Those DJs that I’ve mentioned are real Hip Hop DJs and they have distinct differences & skills among them individually.

Why is important for your to give back to the community?

It’s significant to give back to the community by empowering the youth, especially people of color in the deaf community because they need us to lead by example. They are our future doctors, future lawyers, future engineers, future CEOs etc… We can teach them to win and be on top of the game without any excuses. They need to know right now that they can win with hustle and the amount of effort they put into obtaining their goals. They just have to adjust their mindset and think about what they want to do in the future and show that they are extremely hungry. They have to create their opportunities with the skillset that no one can take and it’s time for us to rise up.

You are a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated. What does brotherhood mean to you?

Unity and culture as all the brothers around the world. Also, they are open to me and built a bond with me since I’m hard of hearing. My college life as a brother was great because I got the opportunity to network and fellowship with the brothers and our extensive network has always been an exhilarating and humbling experience. While we strive for unity, no family is perfect. We’ve definitely had our differences but at the end of the day, it is the spirit of Alpha that always rises above. There aren’t a lot of deaf/hard of hearing brothers in my fraternity but we are making differences with them to show them what we are capable of. Our aim is Manly deeds, Scholarship and Love For All Mankind

What can we look forward to from DJ Hear No Evil?

God has a plan for my future. I already told him what I want; which I’m going to get by faith. Right now as a DJ, I’m in New York City trying to get into clubs/lounges more often and in different states as well. I want to get on FM radio stations, deejay battles, spinning in front of thousands of people like Hot 97 Summer Jam or Power House, Coachella music festival, and so forth. So I can continue to build my brand so everyone remembers who DJ Hear No Evil is. This year I plan to host one of the biggest events that would open the door for people of color deaf/hard of hearing who are extremely good with their talents.

Check out one of his mixes below and make sure to follow DJ Hear No Evil on Instagram.


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