Different Watch Styles to Showcase Your Personality in a Unique Way

Many of you want to buy a watch, but are not sure about the type of watch they want to buy? Often people end up buying a watch on impulse, and after that they may regret, and say one of the following:

  1. It is not fitting right

  2. It was too pricey

  3. The material of band is too weak

  4. It is a fake metal or replica of some luxury watch!

  5. It doesn’t match with any of your outfit

All these can make you feel sad and you end up thinking that you have just wasted your money.

Therefore, we are going to mention about few common styles of watches available in the market from which you can choose one that suits you.

Here you may be briefed about Jaeger-Lecoultre Reverso which is a popular watch company founded in the year 1833. They have a wide range of watch in their catalog that you may go through once before you decide to buy the watch.

Dress watches

The basic function of dress watch is to compliment your business suit or any other formal wear that you normally prefer. Looking for something luxurious to add to your outfit or simply want a high quality timekeeper on your wrist? Omega is a brand that won’t let you down and is one of the instantly recognisable names in horology. You can find Omega watches at Berry’s Jewellers to purchase online.

Usually, dress watches are not meant for providing very accurate timing and hence many dress watches do not even have its second hand.

Dress watch must be simple yet presentable and quite visible so that one can easily relate the watch with your outfit.